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Chicken Maker


Hello again my friends. Or perhaps you're a new guest. Either way this is where I will recount the history of this site.

Hmm, oh this site is a place where I draw chickens in MS paint and write half comprehensible nonsense. I assure you it is the highest tier of internet. Chickens are a popular internet critter. Ah, we're also the original MS Paint Blog. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise, except maybe that guy with the cat pics. We were before

Where was I? Oh yes, the sordid history... I don't think we actually have one of those. I'll keep it short since it's a bit dull.

Many years ago I used to make little sprite sheets and edit video game sprites and that sort of thing. Well from there I dabbled in the pixel art scene and I shared some things with some people I knew on Skype.. Or rather I think it was AIM at the time. Anyways I had a chicken I drew as my avatar. Someone asked me "Did you make that chicken?" and I ended up drawing some more chickens that day to entertain him. I was enjoying myself I was in high school so it wasn't like I was busy with anything else. I made this site, but I never saw that first fan again to share the link. 

Wandering the blogosphere I encountered many figures, some of whom succeeded while others faded away. I, for some reason, am still here, even though I never really gained any success. There have been bursts of communities in my comments, but I don't seem to have any fans who have really stuck around.

Below is an assortment of chickens to help you get your feet wet on the wonders of this site before you start your archive binge or rapidly clicking that Random button

If you have any questions, comments or concerns feel free to contact us at