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Chicken Maker
October 31, 2017

Trick or Treater

This costume is more or less a headless horseman type. Enjoy. And farewell Halloween


Drawing skulls is painful. Though I already failed I really did have no intention of drawing another one. It's Halloween so you get a glowing ball inside of it. Nice ghastly horror.

Bird of Madness


Oh, actually yeah. Coo is a bird noise.


Halloween 2017

This is the first post of Halloween. I have decided I like dotpict. I'll be adding a tag for it later
October 30, 2017


I was thinking about enamel pins for some reason. I don't really have a good direction for that, but if I were making one it would have a design like these. I like the red, yellow, gray color scheme, but monotone with the black parts as raised metal could be nice too. Well, either way I would want a vector graphic rather than my usual MS Paint work.
October 25, 2017

Physical Media

Sorry for the lack of activity on the site. I've been working with Physical media as part of the Inktober Initiative. That's where digital artists draw an ink drawing every day. I only found out about it midway through the month, but I've been posting daily on Twitter. Be sure to follow me @ChickenMakerNet to see anything I happen to post there. I'll be posting them all on the site on November 1st, since I don't want it in the middle of the Halloween posts.
October 20, 2017


Spinning through the air the bird is caught in the spot light. Was fame the dream? Because now it seemed the bird may have nothing but infamy. Is this moment of attention enough?
October 17, 2017

Letter Jacket

It's been years since the bird's fondly remembered victory, bringing the bullfrogs to the championship, but the bird didn't let it go. The bird wasn't living in the past though. There was still fire in the bird's eyes. The bird was a real fighter.
October 13, 2017

One Last Job

It had been a long time since anyone has visited. The light hanging from the ceiling flickered, barely illuminating the room. His old partner had come. He was here interrupting his retirement, though the retirement wasn't that great. It was one last job. I he did it things would be set, but he'd left that life for a reason.

Still, he would cockadoodle do it, as a favor to his old partner
October 08, 2017

Suit and Tie

I spent the weekend at a wedding and I may or may not have drawn in their guest book. For the record I thought I did a poor job of it, but they quite liked it.

Mind you I hold my chicken doodles to a very high standard. For example the perspective is off between the body and the head and the shoulder is too far back.
October 05, 2017

By the fire

The world is not on fire. The fire is just nearby and behind the scarfed and capped bird pictured.
October 02, 2017


I made today's piece using dotpict, an android app. I've been trying to find a good android app for a while and I like this one.

The default pallette didn't have brown, so this is pink.