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Chicken Maker
July 27, 2011

On The Scene

A chicken who dramatically appears onto the scene, his scarf blowing wildly as he is backdropped by a burst of blue. He reveals the true culprit in a sudden declaration. The culprit of what you ask? The accident obviously. Of course he will show that it was anything but an accident. Yes, he's some sort of super slueth now.
July 26, 2011

Pink Winter

It's too hot, so it's time for some winter fun. This gentle lady chicken, dressed in pink, is ready to hit the mountain slopes . She is rather embarrassed though, because she's never skied before and there's a lot of onlookers.

This actually started out as an attempt to make cool goggles but somehow became this.
July 24, 2011


Here is a spattering of quickly made chickens which provide a splash of contrast against the solid background while they are all solid white, aside from the pair made as part of the boat, which provide a distinct sense of being out of place. The singular splash of brown causes the whole image to feel wrong.
July 23, 2011

Western Animation Stylization

For this piece I chose to follow a different path of stylization in order to reduce the monotony of the style this site has developed. Based on he concepts shown in western animation I shifted the proportions in order to create a simple to draw chicken, that still maintained the feeling that this site strives to portray.

The thick, relative to the size of the image, lines leave distinct impressions that are hard to ignore and help to portray the chicken as a solid piece.
July 20, 2011

Happy Smile

Come on guys!
Get Happy And Smile.
Chicken with a rainbow at his side.


No arguments I assume.
July 17, 2011


BOOK, a book for all ages
I've been thinking and I like real books a lot more than those little e-Readers and the like. I've mostly been thinking it while watching things like those Kindle commercials where the fan of physical books makes a really stupid point like "Actually folding the page," which I would like to point out would make absolutely anyone who collects physical books(And I'm using a very loose meaning of collects) cringe. Folding a page is just damaging the book, and for a really dumb reason. You couldn't just use a nice sensible book mark. Could have at least gone with "Actually turning the page."

Anyways. I like my book shelf. It has so many books and I can just see them and be all giddy remembering them. The same is true of most things available digitally. If I'm buying something I want a physical... thing. I admit that I have a rather large collection of Steam games, but the fact that I don't always follow it doesn't make it less true.

And I like the physical weight of a book. Which I can totally see the other side's argument against. Carrying it is inconvenient, but I still like the weight.

This isn't some major eReaders suck sorta rant. Just a personal preference.

On the note of books I somehow lost the first book in a series off my shelf. I have no idea how I managed to do that. I'm certain nobody borrowed it. Perhaps it fell off, but then you'd think it was right next to the shelf...
July 15, 2011

Mussed Up

It's a chicken with some mussed up hair. I mean not hair. It is not hair. But despite its lack of being hair it is still quite mussed up. His beak is rather twisted as well, and his body is a bit... eh... But I think he'd clean up nice. He could be something. He could be someone! Hero! Champion! Victor!

He isn't though. He's a mussed up mess and he probably never will make anything of himself.
July 11, 2011

Gold Backed

The silver chicken is backed with golden power and glory!
July 10, 2011

Steam Sale Drained Me

For my recent absence... I blame the Steam Summer Sale. I've been playing video games instead of doodling chickens. Well, the sale is now over, more or less, and while I have a pile of games to play I don't feel they will interrupt my chicken make anymore.
Totally Steam's Fault
July 04, 2011

Happy Birthday, America!

America. It's where I live, and where a lot of you live. And today is more or less it's birthday so I think we should all say, "Happy Birthday, America. I got you some fireworks."

This chicken just recolored himself to get in the American spirit.