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Chicken Maker
February 28, 2013

Art's Cross

The crossed lines represent the boxes we draw our selves into eventually generating the wrong impressions of us. Your waddle isn't yellow. That's a falsehood created by your false persona.

I decided to try to be artsy.

Also sorry for trying to cram in this month's posts under the wire here.


Now I wanted to throw back to what this site used to be about. Pictures of chickens in silly costumes. How did I not have a fire fighter? Also I made some fire. Even got that old this site teeny little size. That wasn't actually on purpose though.

Dark Wizard

This Wizard says "Oogie Boogie Boo!" Because that's the sound that Evil Wizards make. He also occasionally goes with something more along the lines of "BUCKAWK!" because he is a chicken.
February 26, 2013


I was challenged to draw myself so I thought about what special features I have. I thought of 3. I wear the same beige coat pretty much all the time. I wear glasses. Lastly I have a mole in the dead center of my forehead. I decided against including the glasses though, since they didn't look nice.

February 20, 2013

Sent to Space

Cluckzia is proud to announce they have sent a chicken into space for the first time today

astronaut Cluck Rogers was recruited by the program and mere hours later was sedated in his pod for the launch. The Cluckzia Space Association confirms that he volunteered and will be able to safely return with little issue. Cluck Rogers is already consider a national hero by most of the nation.

According to his father, "What? I thought he worked at a gas station. I never knew he was so great."
February 19, 2013

Cute on Rainbow

This is a "rounder and cuter" chicken on a rainbow background. Unlike my usual opinion I split purple. I know I usually use Red-Orange-Yellow-Green-Cyan-Blue-Purple instead of the usual ROYGBIV, but that's how I was feeling today.
February 14, 2013


Now back in the day I had a community on here. There were people who visited and commented pretty regularly. I miss that so I'm going to try to expand community interaction. I haven't responded to many challenges lately so that's been an issue on my end. I'll work on it. So I would still like to get more interaction. So, would you guys get any use out of a chat-box or the like if I stuck one in the side?
February 10, 2013

Dark On Blue

Today's piece is Dark on Blue. It is a black silhouette with a red wattle and comb. I based it on this old one to an extent I suppose. It's really pompous to say I'm a fan of something that I did, but I'm a fan of that one. From there I decided to put a nice blue swoosh on the back to make it less boring.
February 07, 2013

Fight Scene

I'm a guy and being a guy is about thinking about violence. At least that's the reasoning I'm going to use to justify this context-less Fight Scene. I like the angles that came from rolling the outlines right into the background.
February 01, 2013

Lady's Wallpaper

I open this month with a request from a nice young lady I know. It's another tiled wallpaper like yesterday's but this one has a more feminine spring pastel pallet. I hope some of you enjoy it, and would love to hear anything you might want to say.