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Chicken Maker
September 29, 2010

Chicken X Destroyed a World

The dreaded Chicken X swept through a universe. Now with his world destroyed this chicken is slowly destroyed from the inside. His body dissolves and fades and breaks. Chicken X Destroyed a World and it's inhabitants.

This was inspired by a chicken I scribbled with a pencil then tried to erase with a useless eraser.
September 28, 2010

Special Soda

A fine high class soda from a cheap chicken based fast food joint. That was the first though, then I though, "Maybe they're like reverse a chick-fil-a. you know Chicken based advertising for their juicy burgers.
September 26, 2010

Handsome Gentleman

He arrives on the scene to steal the young maiden's heart. A handsome gentleman with a heart of gold. He slides in at the last moment and saves her from some pugs. He looks her in the eyes, and she says...

"You're not a coward, but I'm not gonna go out with a chicken."
September 24, 2010


Here's an emergency back-up chicken. Sorry he's a bit terrible. I just haven't been able to make anything that didn't suck lately. Can't just go off not posting for a week though.
September 21, 2010

Baby Chick

Well, I was challenged to draw baby chicks while keeping in mind that they weren't all cute fluff balls. My original plan was to draw fluff balls while nodding and saying they didn't look like that but I can't draw fluff balls good, so you get what looks like an ugly chick, only cuter cause I don't like drawing things that look gross so a cute thing that's vaguely ugly works good. All his little patches of feathers. ^-^

I suppose this is technically one chick, but I don't think that was the point.

September 17, 2010

Why a Chicken Blog?

I was asked by an anonymous commentor, "why do you have a chicken blog"

At first I started writing a comment, but then I stopped and I looked and said. This could be a post. So it is.

I remember back when the internet was younger. When you could make a geocities site or whatever and everyone did and none of them were about anything. And I made one of those, but there was really nothing to it. It was empty and barren. But I had a place on the internet and then as time went by the various free sites fell down and got out of the way.

Social networking started being all hip and people stopped bothering with silly little pages like those. I never really liked Myspace and FaceBook though so I didn't really bother with them. I mean I made a MySpace and never touched it and I never even made a FaceBook, though people keep acting like I should.

But then while chitchatting in a chat room someone noticed my avatar of a chicken and said "Did you make that chicken?"

And I said, "Yes."

And he said, "You're the Chicken Maker. Make me a chicken."

So I said "Okay." and made him an experimental water chicken.

And that went on for a while then I had a few and I looked at them and I remembered fondly my terrible Freewebs site(Yeah, I went and found the site. I believe it was made about six years ago.) and looked at the internet and then glared at the internet. And then BAM blog. It's been going more than a year, which is beyond any expectations I held for it.

As for why it's a blog... I didn't have any money and it's free to make a blogger. I'm actually pretty good at HTML and stuff too so I dunno. Probably a good thing I didn't try to post that up as a comment...
September 16, 2010


The hunter stalks him prey with caution and a cold precise attitude. A mighty hunter who hunts throughout the land down under. Shut up.

Also... myeh... challenge complete...
September 13, 2010

The Vampire Chicken Who Liked Bananas

"I challenge you to write a kids book that includes vampires, chickens, kermit the frog, and bananas."

I have failed this challenge. I wanted to. I really did. But I can't jsut go off and used Kermit the Frog. He's a copy-righted character. Please forgive me Catherine. He's what I got:

September 12, 2010

400 Chickens (In Potential)

YES! We did it boys! This is my 400th post on this site. Gimme some high fives or something!

Okay, well, in one hundred and two hundred I messed with the idea that for the hundredth chicken I should have a hundred, and for the two-hundredth I should have 200. In both of those I didn't really do it. That was wimpy of me. But! for this one I have presented 400 chickens(in potential) in the form of a dress-up flash game. Well, I say dress up but it's actually a chicken maker game where you get to choose the wattle and beak and eyes, and what not.  And with all of that there are a total of 400 possible chickens.

I would have had more options but they add up way faster than I expected, and I did want it to have exactly 400 combinations.

Here's a link.

Zitty NotCoolguy

Here we have Zitty NotCoolguy. He thinks he's a tough guy with his leather jacket, but he's really just a young kid with no real responsibility, spending his parents' money to look like a cool cat, when really he's just chump change.


Sorry about the recent absence. I feel a burst coming though. There will be something else tonight. Something impressive.
September 08, 2010

Simple Chicken

Here I have drawn a simple chicken, so that y'all don't forget what this site is all about. This chicken is somewhere between my usual style and my rounder, cuter style. Well, I could say that but really I just drew it and this is how it turned out. So, I hope you like this simple chicken. Cause I need a break from themes and crazy styles sometimes.
September 07, 2010

Young Rocker

A young rocker, his heart still full of ideals, closes his eyes. He is confident, perhaps more than he should be, as he strums the first chord of the song. The music fills the air around him, spreading out to the audience and overwhelming what surrounds them. It's just the Young Rocker and his Music.

Honestly... Drawing a guitar is hard. I think it came out pretty good. I kinda have a good idea for a country music star one. Might need to make that too.

Also, this is the first time I'm gonna get to say it... CHALLENGE COMPLETE!
September 06, 2010

Challenge Image

Well, I'm gonna continue accepting challenges until I'm not so there is now a link to it on the sidebar there. As always I'm posting it up here in case I ever change it. It'd be a shame to love a perfectly good chicken.

He has a strong determined look in his eyes, as is appropriate for a  brave challenger. It's not like we're gonna get in a fight but err... I'm willing to accept that sort of more direct challenge too but- Anyways, new chicken.


Okay boys. Here's how this is gonna work. I'm posting this. You comment here, or shoot me an e-mail, with a challenge. I will then accept the challenge, and post it on this site.

I will accept any challenge, assuming it isn't something nasty or expensive to do. This is a family friendly site and I'm a college student. You could challenge me to sing a song. I do not care. I will get some chickens in there and it will be on this site.

Let's go challenger! I'll fight through whatever you throw at me!

Accepted Challenges
  • Write a Chicken Musical and illustrate the opening night. (It'll be short but I'll make it happen)
  • (Isn't that a tad specific)
  • Chicken posing as an ivory billed woodpecker 
  • a chicken suffering from post traumatic stress disorder, that results in him having flashbacks to his time in the Vietnam War and causes several unwanted social situations
  • The Shining "HERE'S JOHNNY!"
  • a chicken with a baseball cap wearing a knit sweater whilst riding upon a skateboard juxtaposed to a store called Seed Barn
  • chick flick chicken 
  • YARN CHICKEN!!! (received through eMail) 
  • I think you would struggle to draw a Charles Dickens chicken licking a chicken-pox stricken chicken.(eMail) 
  • Twilight Chicken. 
  • Dante's Inferno
  • Rubber Chicken 
  • Chicken Versions of a TV show cast
  • Georgia O'Keeffe style 
  • TF2 Chickens(I have actually received this one many times from people I know...)  
  • George Washington's pet chicken, Revolutionary Chicken.
  • chicken version of the Mona Lisa 
  • Chicken trying to fly for first time
  • Chuck Testa Chicken
  • Chicken Duck Hybrid
  • Picasso *Artist* Chicken
  • Chicken Film Noir Detective Story
  • Anarcho-syndicalist chicken revolution.
  • Dino-chicken!
  • Chuck Norris
Completed Challenges
I'm Not Doing It
  • Make Chicken Crop Circles(I could like... Photoshop some maybe)
  • hatch actual chickens (I live in the city)
  • Chickenpede, which is a cross between a chicken and a centipede (I did a Chickenpillar The fool I am.)
  • badass animal-rights activist chicken (Isn't that Shades McCoolGuy?)

    Mouth Blader

    The Mouth Blader. A chicken with a blade in his beak. He's been fighting for ages using only the style of mouth-based swordsmanship passed on from father to son for generations within his family. Unfortunately he is rather more violent than previous generations of his family and became a gang leader feared by many.

    Also I appear to have dipped into a bit of lack of skill. I should swim out of it soon enough though. I'll keep posting until it starts to look cool again
    September 03, 2010

    Stormcrow the Green

    Well, on occasion I feel the need to gauge my ability to draw, and usually the best way to do that is to try to redraw something I drew before, so I remade Stormcrow the Green, who I originally created last September. Now, I feel like this shows more of my change in sense, like coloring and making crescent moons, than it does with my ability to draw, but I feel like there's definitely been some improvement. Anyways I like the glowing green aura deal better than a couple crescent waves.

    A wizened old wizard, Stormcrow the Green is a spell caster without many equals. (Being wise he knows better than to think he's without equal)

    On the note of Improvement I think I need to rework that Best of Chicken Maker List. There's not a single thing from 2010 on there and I can see all the things I've improved on when I look at them and think things like "If I'd made that now I'd have redrawn that head before I posted it." So, do you have any favorite chickens on this site. If you do feel free to comment below(or anywhere on the site really) or send me an eMail(It'd be a nice break from the spam mail I usually get in there.)
    September 02, 2010

    BBQ Chicken

    In a world where cooking is an art in itself
    One Chicken stands alone 
    Until He discovers a truth
    That makes him a miserable failure:
    A Chicken BBQing Ain't BBQ Chicken

    Coming this Fall
    (You're looking at it. I suppose technically it's still summer, but I think that's really a technicality)