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Chicken Maker
September 12, 2010

400 Chickens (In Potential)

YES! We did it boys! This is my 400th post on this site. Gimme some high fives or something!

Okay, well, in one hundred and two hundred I messed with the idea that for the hundredth chicken I should have a hundred, and for the two-hundredth I should have 200. In both of those I didn't really do it. That was wimpy of me. But! for this one I have presented 400 chickens(in potential) in the form of a dress-up flash game. Well, I say dress up but it's actually a chicken maker game where you get to choose the wattle and beak and eyes, and what not.  And with all of that there are a total of 400 possible chickens.

I would have had more options but they add up way faster than I expected, and I did want it to have exactly 400 combinations.

Here's a link.