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Chicken Maker
August 31, 2014

Dull View

Grey, Brown, and Beige. These are generally considered neutral colors. Nobody cares about taupe.
August 25, 2014

Football Player

The new Running Back on the Space Chickens is ready to show them how it's done as he slam dunks his way into a grand slam touch down.

I assure you I am entirely aware that that sentence was nonsense.
August 24, 2014


I wanted a picture with a nice strong background. Unfortunately when I think of that I end up with this sort of standing forward with mountains in the back. It's a lot like the cover of Chicken Heroics, which makes it feel a bit like I've done it before when i combine it with the vague fantasy robe he's wearing.
August 21, 2014

Stone & Sword

 I make games. Some of them even have nothing to do with Chickens. Stone & Sword is now available for purchase, though I admit at $13 it is a bit more expensive than other items I've put out in the past. It's only $1 if you have the enthusiasm for print and play though.

I mean, of course, there is one chicken. I felt like I couldn't very well not include one. I mean ChickenMaker is the name I use when I sell things after all.
August 20, 2014


I've on occasion felt that I ought to have some sort of mascot so an artist chicken seemed appropriate. 

As a special note this was done using the current version of paint. Mainly for the highlighter.
August 18, 2014

(Green) Burning Passion

I'm sorry for the extended delay. I suppose things like that are why I don't have any Patreon backers. Haha. Anyways I haven't got any good jokes to balance it out.

The (green) flames of his burning passion are tainted by the envy of his neighbor's success.

Interpret at will
August 10, 2014

Public Chalk

I was at a frozen yogurt place a while back. They had a chalk board so I naturally took the opportunity to advertise a bit. A child of course drew over it before I left. Haha...

August 09, 2014

How To Art

Some people ask things like, "How do you draw a chicken" and I say "I just do." This, I have been told is not useful direction. I cracked open an art book and remembered to draw a bunch of ovals. I believe this should clarify.

August 07, 2014


Here we have a lordly type out for a stroll. I think he looks properly arrogant, don't you? Quite Pomp if I may say so.