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Chicken Maker
December 31, 2016


We asked chickens, "If you wanted to survive why did you make yourselves so delicious?"
They answered "bawk."
I don't know why they refused to answer us.

Special thanks to Joe for the... joke? You know who you are.
December 30, 2016

Winter Smile

Everyone doing well? I certainly hope so. This fellow certainly is. A smile for winter.
December 25, 2016

Traditional Christmas End

Say your somber prayers tonight as the Christmas fowl rides upon his golden star through the red sky of dusk, as is tradition.

Lone Carol

This brave fowl faces vast criticism for his horrendous outfit and off key singing, but he is just here to bring Christmas cheer so let's all sing!

Stealth Ace Classic

Bringing Stealth Ace back to his origins... If I'm not mistaken he has actually... aced stealth in this one.
December 24, 2016

Forest For the Trees

Some can't see the forest for the trees, but this tree will certainly deny that it has anything to do with the rest.
Merry Christmas.

Christmas Ninja

I decided the next post after the pirate would be a ninja, but when I turned around it was already Christmas Eve leaving me only one choice.

Enjoy the Christmas Ninja. Enjoy the severals of Christmas Posts.
December 18, 2016


Pirates are still a thing that the internet likes, right?
December 13, 2016

Ocean Eyes

This was colored. I colored it and even . Then I uncolored it because that is more artsy than what I had before.
December 10, 2016


This one is Bravest, because it's brave and it's wearing a vest. Good, we all down with this... Whatever it is. I don't even think this counts as a pun. Bit of wordplay certainly.

Forcing myself to do more feet even though I'm bad at them.
December 07, 2016

HD Background December 2016: On All Sides

This piece is pretty standard. The brown chicken is being attacked from all sides. Is the watching buff fowl a friend or a foe? (Definitely the "Only I'm allowed to defeat you" rival type)

You can download this, and many other wallpapers, from this post on my Patreon.
December 05, 2016

Coming Right at You

I almost never use this sort of straight on perspective of late. And by of late I mean... Since June, when I previously mentioned that I don't do it lately. That wasn't as far back as I expected.
December 04, 2016

Vampire 4

I have drawn what is basically this same vampire 4 times since 2009. Every time I do it I think those old ones look awful but this one is great. Well, actually I'm fairly happy with Vampire 3. It would look different even if I did it in that style now though.

Anyways back to the important part... Why did I think a moon should be in the vampire picture?
Vampire 2
Vampire 3

Nu Redux

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Money Banner
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About Banner

Okay, I'm happy with the reworking of the site. We have a new banner, new Social Media buttons, new buttons to access the pages on the site, which have also been redone. I'm quite happy with the Money and About Pages, though Collections is very similar to the old Projects page.

Um, well I messed with this for quite a while since I think this site renovation started in the summer. I am actually thinking of revising the banner again, but I'm sure I'll put it off for months as usual.

Stealth Donut

Even an office that has avoided renovations for years can't avoid Stealth Ace. Not even its mighty faux wood finish press board table can fend off this master of disguise.
December 03, 2016


I want a mascot character. I'm not really sure where I'm going with that though so I scribbled up a few things but nothing quite grabbed me. I mean it needs a simple style and it needs a gimmick. That gimmick shouldn't be the costume though because a mascot needs to be drawn in a variety of outfits. So, this is brain storming. I just sketched up a small assortment of things.

I tried a few things out, like cat ears, The Rounder and Cuter style, HERO from my poorly thought through comic and something that closely resembles but is distinct from Stealth Ace... Actually while I was drawing it I thought maybe my mascot character should just be Stealth Ace.

So let me know what you guys think in the comments. And if you think something else I've done should obviously me my