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Chicken Maker
March 31, 2021


Thunder burst down upon the aged chicken as those that would do it harm approached. The bird had long been touched by fowl magics, unknown and unknowable. Those who approached should have figured it out from the pointy hat, even if the color was faded out of it.

March 28, 2021

Minimalist – March 2021 Wallpaper


Countless lines coil through the piece precisely, but with a random and noisy flow. While I started with a minimalist concept the only part of this design that can be called such a thing is the color scheme. Honestly I was just tired of the dark phone backgrounds I released before so I made one that I would want to use for the next however many months. Making things that you like is a good enough path.

Thank you, as always, to my Patreon supporters. Without your steadfast support we wouldn't have these regular wallpapers.

March 27, 2021

Inverted Grids

We start with a standard chicken then we do... something. This time the something was making 4 of it and inverting half of them, then splitting those into quarters and randomly inverting those. You may notice the colors aren't all just inverted and that's because doing that was boring and I didn't like that. Shocking, I know.

March 21, 2021

Strong Stance

We take a strong stance on several issues here at Chicken Maker... I can't think of any at the moment, but we definitely have them. I think I've rambled about saving your art as a PNG a few times?

Anyways I wanted to do something a little different than usual with this one so I tried to do something full bodied. That feet looks weird to me but I used a photo reference and that's about right. Always need balance realism and style. I'm inclined to make them... smoother.

March 17, 2021

A Dozen Years of Chicken Maker

Well, another year and another thrilling review in green. (Happy St. Patrick's Day) Let's look back at a few of my favorites from this year.

Before we start special note for Punch and Bird GB. I like them quite a bit but they're already green since they used the classic Gameboy color palette.

Thief (sticker)

I forgot these were a thing I was making. I like them and should probably knock out as couple more to complete the "set" I actually said I felt good about this project in last year's anniversary post so... that's a bit embarrassing.

Meet Princess

Conceptually it was pretty vague fantasy, but I like the aesthetic. Unfortunately I still haven't gotten on track with making video content and I really don't know why. It's not like I have a high standard for it. It just isn't something I think about doing at all.
This was a fun one to work on as we started the relatively dull year off. I think Aaron and his sister were both very happy with it. I should really draw more tail feathers, though it's hard to fit them in the simpler style as more than a few jaggies.


To be perfectly clear, once it's in green, this is even less how the sunrise works.

Break – Wallpaper

This is a wallpaper I'm really happy with, though recoloring it I couldn't help noticing some poorly shaped angles and strokes, weird gaps and shapes. That was partially intentional, as perfection tends to look too mechanical, but if I cleaned it up right now I would probably make a mess of it.
March 15, 2021

Floating Ghost

This is all blue, but I'm not making a thing of it this time. It's just the one mono-blue piece. It was going to be gray, but as you know... ghosts are blue probably. It was also going to be just a vague aesthetic thing, but the wavy bottom is obviously a ghost.

March 10, 2021

Thick Lines

Working with thicker lines on a bigger canvas shouldn't really make any difference, but for some reason it does for me. I do look at individual pixels and adjust lines around them but it isn't like I'm usually working on a small pixel art canvas or anything.

March 09, 2021

Yes Scribble

Yes and No are the choices you have most of the time. So when I thought about if I should make more Chicken Maker content the answer was a firm "I guess I should." So here we are, bringing you a scribbled "Yes"

I actually like this sort of scribbly style but it takes longer than I think it does every time, since I don't want to actually just scribble.

March 07, 2021

Flowing Cloth

The falling cloth flowed around the bird. Perhaps it was a blue scarf, that had once been worn by a forgotten friend? Or maybe it was just a sort of frayed dishrag.
March 03, 2021

Ta Da!!

 In a fantastic display a chicken was presented. Please applaud. 👏