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Chicken Maker
May 30, 2020

Animation Demo

I've been dabbling in learning to work Krita for the last couple months and finally made a thing that was kind of alright looking so it gets to be this month's video.

I'll figure out how to export it as not a GIF at some point.


Close your eyes and relax.
There's nothing you really need to worry about right this minute.

Rest while you have the chance.
May 23, 2020


For this piece I have chosen to go with clear and bold colors. The blue background has a strong contrast with the yellow feet and beak. While I considered the use of shading it makes the form less striking so I decided against it.
May 19, 2020

Sailor Moon - Anime Chickens

There's a trending twitter art thing to redraw sailor moon. I, of course, did this years ago. That's no reason not to do it again though, especially since I decided to make a series of "anime chickens" at the beginning of the month and only had one so far.
May 18, 2020

Wizard (Sticker)

This is the Wizard, another entry in the Sticker set I started working on in February. I said this one was next, but this project slipped my mind in the past few months. I suppose along with a Knight and Wizard we would want a Thief next?

These colors are perhaps a bit too forest-like so this could probably be called a druid or similar if we're going by your average fantasy setting. It has a pointed hat though and that's really the most important part.
May 17, 2020


In this piece I focused on a single concept. Smug. The arrogant grin and eyes just let you know this damn bird thinks it's better than you.
May 12, 2020


It's surprising! Shocking! Unexpected!

All you can do is stand there slack jawed with an exclamation point over your head.
May 11, 2020

Splash Scene

This sort of angled comic panel is a popular style for aesthetic art. I rather like it, though it does feel a bit repetitive.
May 10, 2020

String Legs

I was thinking of the "rubber hose" animation style when I drew this, but I didn't really capture that at all. This dull eyed bird is just string legged
May 05, 2020


Inspiration is often a bolt from the blue. You're just putting on your hideous blue bowtie and like a bolt of lightning you're struck by an idea too good to pass up. You need to capture it at once before it slips away.
May 01, 2020

Vegeta - Anime Chickens

A few months ago on Twitter I said I'd draw some anime characters as chickens but then I didn't.

So here's Vegeta. The classic short arrogant alien monkey prince. I did my best to capture his hair and attitude. The character wears blue tights, but tights seem awkward over feathers...