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Chicken Maker
December 31, 2019


A bit last minute, but what else is new? This month's video is the plant chicken. I'm happy with how it came out, though I did do it over several times before I had a version I was happy with.

I stumbled a bit on the speaking part, but I didn't have too much dead air and I went into drawing it with a plan so the process wasn't too choppy.

Anyways the important part is definitely that I had some sort of plan.

December 30, 2019

After Shower Nap

Warm and fresh out of the shower the drowsiness took me. Wrapped in nothing but a towel I slept. Until the dire moment I awoke and needed to finish getting ready.
December 25, 2019

Traditional Christmas End

Tonight we celebrate with the traditional ending of Christmas. Riding upon his shining golden star the traditional Christmas Fowl cuts through the red sky of dusk, leaving the trail of green light that would one day be spring.
Merry Christmas everyone.

Christmas Weather

The weather I want for the holidays is snow, but the weather I got was very thick fog. I'm not sure that I particularly want snow on Christmas, but I find it relaxing and the white Christmas is the one that I always imagine.

Still Stealth Ace

Stealth Ace was originally made for a Christmas post back in 2012 and I have tended to fondly consider him the mascot of the site, even if he hasn't actually appeared since 2 years ago.

Sorry the Christmas post weren't posted earlier in the day.
December 23, 2019

Eye Pain

The miscolored bird was being watched by something beyond its comprehension. Demons, farmers, devils, gods? The true identity of the eyes was unknown.

This is called "Eye Pain" because the colors I initially used were too vibrant and hurt my eyes. I muted the colors and added the watching eyes background because I'd already decided the title.

December 2019 Wallpaper - Spin

There are no purples in this piece. I usually use them for random swooshes and the like, but that can leave a lot of my pieces feeling samey. Anyways, this one is doing a little spin. Isn't that fun?

As always these wallpapers are brought to you by my supporters on Patreon, where you can download the full size version.
December 21, 2019

Shine On

The bird strode through the darkness, undaunted. It was truly a light that kept on shining.

I thought I posted this a few days ago so that was my mistake.
December 16, 2019


A sudden cold tingle. The chicken sensed something very bad was about to happen.
December 14, 2019

Pin Designs

I like physical items so I made a few... dozen buttons. I don't really have a way to sell these or anything. Just one of those "Maybe I'll make an etsy or something" items.

Side note, that blue stripe pattern doesn't work on my printer.
December 12, 2019


The year is 21XX. As the one of the world's top scientists you've wasted all of your money and resources on powerful weapons/arms and were stuck using older clunkier robot parts for the body and legs. A strong human pilot couldn't even be found, leaving only a genetically engineered super chicken to control it. The aliens are approaching. The sirens echo. There is no choice. LAUNCH THE ROBOT!

I hadn't used the title Robot yet, but I have used Chicken-Robo twice... Strange times we live in. I should have used Chicken-Robo again
December 08, 2019


The jumpbird is much like the jumpman, in that neither can fly. As a difference between them though only one is the mascot of a popular video game franchise.
December 07, 2019

November 2019 Wallpaper - Layered Simplicity Variants

This piece had a simple style and making several variants was straight forward enough.

Blue, Black and White and Christmas.

Full size version on Patreon.
December 03, 2019


Psychic magic fairy-type chicken. This is cute and pastel, but the angry eyes make it clear that this is not the superpower it wanted. The plan was to be a flashy fire-type and maybe become a fighting-type on his final stage.
November 30, 2019


As a special thing that I already said I was doing every month here's this month's video, where I draw the fake devil to the left.

Watch it now on YouTube

November 2019 Wallpaper - Layered Simplicity

In this month's piece we used layers of abstract patterns to make a relatively simple design more striking. While the pseudo inverted grid pattern felt clever while I was making it I feel that it would have been better to go with a more striking pattern. I may have to make a few variants of this later on.

As always these wallpapers are brought to you by my supporters on Patreon, where you can download the full size version.
November 29, 2019

'Tis The Season

American Thanksgiving is over so let's get started on Christmas I guess. I considered posting this earlier, but that seemed rude to myself.
November 28, 2019


Here's our annual attempt at drawing a turkey. I went for a respectable pixel art style this year.

Happy Thanksgiving to anyone who celebrates that, and thank you for spending part of your day here at ChickenMaker.Net
November 26, 2019

Spin To Win

In the world of tops one needs to spin if one hopes to win.





November 21, 2019


This looks like a dog, more or less. I can occasionally draw things that aren't chickens. I also feel somewhat comfortable with things like swords, mysterious eye monsters, and a variety of hats.
November 18, 2019

Done Blue

Okay, good run. I'm done doing things in just blue. Mainly because I couldn't think of any other interesting things to do with it. Next up will be... a dog. Yes, good. That seems reasonable. Look forward to the dog next time.
November 14, 2019

The Waves

The dreadful sea birds peaked up beyond the waves. This was truly a dark day for humanity and those left to protect it.

This is some real classic ChickenMaker, in a bad way.
November 11, 2019

Blue Bird

This sparks joy in me. Truly a blue bird of happiness. By which I mean this isn't a blue bird at all, except it's a bird that is blue.
November 07, 2019

Two Tone

A two color design is awkward if I'm using actual colors. After all, the colors of various things don't really match. But, when everything is blue things being colored wrong is trivial and obvious. Haha.
November 05, 2019

Blue Ghost

I know we're done with spooky, but this seemed ghostly due to the very unnatural colors. The sharp contrast of the white with the dull blue shades makes the figure really pop.

Blue Ninja

This blue ninja is especially sneaky in the ocean.

Feeling... blue? Will everything be blue for the next week? I have no idea. Very maybe. Not sure why my monochrome is still always blue.
November 04, 2019

Stable Foundation

Sometimes it can feel like the whole world is falling apart around you, but as long as you have a stable foundation there's nothing to worry about.
October 31, 2019

Spooky Walk

A spooky walk through a spooky graveyard for a couple of chicken friends. Truly an image worthy of the Halloween Spooktacular

I'd have more commentary, but just watch the video. It took me hours to do this, mainly because I wanted to look good on what is the first video I've properly done for Patreon, even though I've been at that level for a few month now... The video is sped up and I wanted to give a good commentary so let me know how I did.

Ghost in the Skillet

An old man pulled out a skillet, preparing for dinner. Heating some oil he dug in the refrigerator for some boneless skinless chicken breasts he had taken out to thaw a few days earlier. The man couldn't find them, and turned back to the stove, only to see the terrifying sight of a ghastly chicken forming over the skillet. In terror the man fled from his home.

The Halloween Spooktacular continues.

In Pumpkin

I considered spooky the top priority and what could cause more terror than opening your Jack-O-Lanterns to the terrifying visage of a waking bird.

Bloody Head

We're aiming for a strong start to this Halloween Spooktacular with this particularly gruesome and disconcerting image of a battered and broken chicken head.

No worries if this isn't your style, as the rest of the posts in today's spooktacular will be more wholesome.
October 30, 2019


The evil cultist was all ready for the evil cult meeting but not another soul was around. The bird was wearing the robe and had the stone circle and the purple candle. It was like no one even cared.
October 29, 2019


The fenced in ground was well worn by the birds. No grass grew there anymore.

The scale of this fence is obviously way off, but I think it looks nice. This isn't exactly a realistic or detailed piece after all. I feel satisfied with this piece.
October 27, 2019

October 2019 Wallpaper - Graffiti

In this month's piece I made very heavy use of the spraycan tool. It's one of the most abused tools by new MS Paint artists, since it's fancy. I thoroughly abused it in this piece to texture the wall, draw the graffiti chicken, write the logo. As you see this bird is putting in the effort and I choose to do the same. Look forward to another one next month.

As a reminder we guarantee a new wallpaper every month thanks to our supporters on Patreon. You can download this wallpaper at full size here.
October 26, 2019


This is the website it is so I generally draw generic cartoon chickens, but sometimes I want to extend a bit into more different chickens. Sometimes I do this through art style, but other times I do this by looking at some pictures of a more different chicken. This is a Polish Chicken.
October 21, 2019

Over The City

The thieving bird was about to be caught. Atop the roof the police had it surrounded. No one could have seen his escape coming. The news copter that had been recording the whole chase suddenly dropped a ladder and the bird smoothly flew away.
October 19, 2019


A small set of simple designs. I just wanted to try a few different flavors out and I thought this was a good way to present them.
October 18, 2019


When considering how many eyes a character should have a major consideration should be in how many you want to draw. That's the main decision point in this one.

Purple Mountains!
October 17, 2019


Hey everybody. This piece has a real positive vibe. I was originally planning to do more with it, but I just really liked the way it looked so I stopped. I feel like a background would only detract from it and distract from the simplicity.
October 14, 2019

Pixel Chicken

10x Size
Original Size
How have I not used this title? I was trying to think of something clever and settled on "I'll just call it Pixel Chicken 3 or something" only to find that Pixel Chicken 1 didn't exist.

I've really let basic pixel art and spriting really fall to the wayside of late. Need to keep these skills polished. After all making random pixel art is something that fundamentally ties into this site, and is a skill I had prior to starting the site. The shading came out well, though I like solid colors in black outlines as a matter of preference.
October 13, 2019


The brave fighter treks through the land, looking up at the sky of swirls, searching for a worthy adversary.

He's a vague fighter type.
October 08, 2019

On The Street

Another incident had ravaged this city. The detective had seen too much. He was no longer the soft boiled detective he had been in the past and sometimes it was hard for him to accept that. Looking over the crime scene he couldn't even feel pity for the victim. It wasn't that he wasn't going to find the criminal, but a hard boiled detective couldn't really care.
October 07, 2019

Ghost Path

Welcome to Spooktober, the most spooky month of the year. When travelling this month please keep in mind that mysterious spectral paths are almost always evil and you should avoid them. Please keep this service announcement in mind.