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Chicken Maker
August 31, 2020

August 2020 Wallpaper – Shatter

The image is 'shattered' and the shards are all styled slightly differently. I had originally intended each section to be more different than they are but it was distracting to look at so I made the colors and styles more consistent, though it seems a bit wrong to think of this wide array of grays consistent.

As always these wallpapers are brought to you by my supporters on Patreon. In truth I'm rather fond of the WIP posted on Patreon for this one, where the various sections were just different bright colors. It wasn't really a finished piece by any means though.
August 30, 2020

Through Fire

Going forth through the raging flames, confronting and overcoming the adversity of literal fire, is the only way to truly become a better and more delicious... Sorry forgot where we were going with this.

August 26, 2020

Hopping Hero

The one chicken had a truly a heroic tale. Saved the farmer's daughter. Put out a blazing house fire. Pulled a drowning child from a well. These days it hops along on just its left leg.

Why? Well, as they say, a pig that good you don't eat all at once. This is a chicken though.

August 23, 2020

Framed (plus Pixel Studio review)

I recently found an app called Pixel Studio which was released earlier this year, and I kind of like it. In my endless quest to find a pixel perfect digital art app on my phone I downloaded it without much thought or expectations, but it works great. I've always felt that I had pretty low expectations as far as this goes but most of these apps have let me down.

The UI seems pretty smooth, though I see a good number of complaints about it being changed recently? It has a full suite of features, even if I'm not utilizing any of those. Filters, layers, animation frames, etc.
August 22, 2020

Logo and Branding 2020

This is the new and official logo and brand guidelines. (For my personal use obviously. I don't know who else thinks we have a brand.) This should probably have been posted before I updated the site since this is already around.

The new logo is based off the previous concept scrap. I used clean simple shapes and adjusted the angle on the paintbrush. We have clear and recognizable line work, which shows includes both the chicken and drawing aspects of the site. For the full color variant we have added the partially colored white body. Body left we have a two tone version, where we fill most of the enclosed sections. I also set up a vector version, which you can see on the top of the sidebar, something I previously didn't have.

We have a pretty generic uppercase text, though it is hand drawn. For the text you can just kind of split and orient it any way that seems convenient, including Chick–Enmak–Er.Net, whatever that means. Try to align the left edge. Displaying the logo and site name should follow the purple layout on the bottom left, with the text in an "L" shape. It isn't that way in the site banner because that's wide.

Our brand colors are still primarily the shade of lavender which has been the site background ever since the site stopped being lime green. The primary color is mainly used for large background elements and content on dark backgrounds. The dark purple is for outlines and content on light backgrounds, along with backgrounds for light text. Black text is preferred. The light purple on the sidebar isn't a brand color.

Primary Color: #C694FC
Dark Color: #6728B2
Accent Color: #B56AFF

August 20, 2020

Cowboy Action

The two gunslingers looked at each other across  the barren land, the orange sky of dawn beating down upon then. As the man extended his hand the bird lifted a talon. Hopefully the barrel wasn't clogged with dirt.

August 17, 2020


 This bird is in motion!

Not a great animation, but I wanted to get a little 4-5 frame walk. 

I should really move more than just the feet, but it's too exaggerated with this design.

Being Around

This bird is just being around. Apologies for the atrocious talons, but I haven't posted anything in a while so you'll have to settle for it. Just need to get back in the groove~

August 12, 2020

Evil Virus

Today I glared at some electronics and after becoming grouchy I decided to channel those feelings into today's piece, Angry Virus. Surely this is the 3rd or 4th most evil of all Chicken-based AIs. It could probably defeat at least 2 or 3 of the most powerful chicken-based robots on this site.

August 10, 2020

Glowing Eye

As the horrors of reality struck the glowing eyed fowl was immediately much more alert. Was this truly the path of fate he was set upon?
August 07, 2020

Site Redesign

ChickenMaker.Net is now a modern-ish website that will do fancy things like work on your cellphone. I considered making it more slick, but I thought I should keep things a bit out of date, as is the general style of the website.

New banner, artwork, and social icons are below, though they're also just on the site.

August 06, 2020

Dragon (sticker)

Back with this series we have the long awaited dragon. It's mostly just a pointier chicken with a more fantastic color scheme, but i think it looks sufficiently dragon-like. I thought the diagonal text was a nice touch to let it stand out a bit more.
August 03, 2020

Color Shadow

Between light and darkness there aren't only countless shades of gray, but the entire spectrum of colors.

I just wanted a nice abstract design for this one.
August 01, 2020

Meet Princess

A brave knight/wanderer/adventurer meets with the princess so he can receive his reward/be entrusted with his quest.

Some day I'll be on track with getting these videos out in the right month, but here's July's video.