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Chicken Maker
June 30, 2014

Snow Boarder

It's hot so let's cool down with this snow boarder. That puts us back in a nice chill.

Um, I can't think of any snow boarders to make bad chicken puns off their name.
June 27, 2014

Evil Bishop

I made this guy and decided he looked like some sort of Cult Leader so I gave him some fancy robes but they looked a bit too fancy so obviously rather than a cult leader he's some sort of evil bishop.
June 24, 2014

Not Ocean

The chicken knew what was up. It was time to summer fun at the beach. He grabbed his float ring and ran into the sands... But unfortunately it was in fact a desert. The fool still hasn't worked it out.
June 18, 2014

At a Farm

When you think where are there chickens you probably think of farms before pirate ships, space, fantasy adventures, hard-boiled detective stories and romantic comedies. So I made this one.
June 17, 2014


I decided to connect my account to Google Plus today, which I suppose is fairly normal. This does have the effect of my username "Kaloo" no longer showing up on here, instead showing "J Groves," but since most people who called my anything called me "Chicken Maker" or "Chicken Guy" that really isn't a notable change at all. Just thought I should let you know.

Anyways Chicken + Chicken = 2 Chicken


> Green on Black
> Add Tron Lines
> Computery Shape
> Ribbon Tail Feathers
June 16, 2014

Ghost in the Hall

In this piece I chose to use a skewed background to further emphasize the discord brought about by the appearance of the ghastly spirit. Though the ghost actually seems fairly calm, doesn't she? Anyways the twisted world behind the ghost shows a strange vision
June 11, 2014

Not Dreary

I said not dreary! 
In this picture I actually took advantage of the artifacting that saving as a GIF causes in MS Paint to create a unique effect.

On a related note Blogger apparently now knows how to work GIFs. I thought I would have to do it manually.
June 05, 2014


Usually when I don't post for a while it's because I've started wasting my time on something elaborate that (a) like 2 of you guys would like, (b) isn't related to this site, or (c) I don't actually finish. This time though... I wasn't. I have just not been being creative. You know, reading books and things.

The dreary lack of Chicken Maker making Chickens is now concluded!