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Chicken Maker
April 30, 2012


Simple shapes are fun to work with. I did make this while considering a come back but... That's just making things.I thought it would be fun and it came out well.

Anyways... This is the end of my chain.

Spray Squiggle

Not gonna lie to you... I was bored and wanted to play with the spray can.

Swirling GREEN!

I thought maybe something more flashy would be good so I swooshed together some green swirls. And that chicken's kind of missile-esque. Just thought something swooshy like this would be for the best. Of course I didn't post it so I guess I changed my mind.


Goggles are way cool. I purposely made the shimmer transparent so that the background would show through. The proportions are a bit off... Really this was never intended to be what I came back on. I just made it and it seemed pretty good so I kept it. That's all that I've got for this one...

Oh and those goggles definitely do... something. I haven't decided what though.

Little Cute

I was always a fan of my own rounder and cuter style so it should come as no surprise that I considered it as a comeback piece. Obviously I didn't use it but still, it looks pretty nice. And more importantly... C U T E !

Romantic Poet Chicken

This is a romantic poet chicken. Cause you know. Challenges are a good way to go...


Bleh Look

This isn't actually related to my big come back. Google changed the blogger interface and I find this new one to be quite bleh. It says the old interface will be removed in the coming months so I guess I'll have to get used to it but I figure that doesn't stop me from complaining.

We're BACK!

I fell into a circle of failure. I missed a few days so I decided I needed something big to come back on. So I made hings but didn't think they were good enough... But it's the end of the month and you know what? I have a pile of these things and I'm going to post all of them. We're BACK!!

That is of course the royal We, because as you know this site is just me.

So, coming from the flames a hero shows through.
April 14, 2012

No Mail For Heroes

Very sad that he didn't get any messages...

Yes, I'm on a bit of a streak. Gotta make up for this week. And I let all these challenges accumulate so...

April 13, 2012

Long Titled Challenge

Marxist chicken's dilemma as he tries to navigate the tangled web of the necessities of industrial workplace relations law while holding down a part time job as masked vigilante re-decorator 

I think I hit all the details there. I'm sorry for not doing this until you are no doubt long gone. Yes I realize there's a difference between Marxist and communist, but look, deal with it.


Slippery Slope

I fell down the slippery slope of not posting by missing my post the day before Easter. But I decided to try to climb up before I fall into the pot of boiling oil that is a dead site! This is an awkward analogy!
April 09, 2012

Blue Perp

Is it blue, or is it purple. Or is this some midnight black beast threatening both. Perhaps just a normal chicken who light made look a silhouette.
April 08, 2012

Bunny Chicken

I missed a day, but that's okay because today is Easter.

For this piece I revisited the concept I used last Easter with a more thought through approach and being careful toeing that thin line between pastel and faded out. Also this chicken is pink.
April 06, 2012


As promised this is a viking with his horned helmet and his dragon headed long ship.  Also an axe tucked in his wing. I'm aware of everything wrong with this, like the fact that they only wore the helmets for ceremonial things.

Also why don't you guys talk to me any more. It makes me feel like nobody cares.
April 05, 2012


The outline of a scarred chicken. Next time. A viking. See you then.
April 04, 2012

Don't Cheat

This is a life lesson in guidance. Don't be the shifty eyed chicken looking over the scrawny glasses-wearing chicken's work. You'll probably copy it wrong anyways.
April 03, 2012

Fire Bird

April 02, 2012

Glow Tubes

This chicken is made of glowing tubes. By which I mean it's not an actual chicken. It's a drawing of a depiction. A depiction likely made of neon, hence why it's all loops. I didn't fully account for the space requirements of building the loop of while so it squeezes together in between the beak and comb.

Also I decided that I'm posting something every day this month. Now that I've said it I have to do it!
April 01, 2012

Dressed as a chicken

This isn't a chicken. This is a common blackbird with a little cap with some foam on it and a tied on wattle

EDIT: I guess this is April Fools. I forgot but I did draw not a chicken so I guess it counts