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Chicken Maker
June 30, 2010


V has always seemed like a rather angular letter to me. Perhaps because it's just one sharp point. For this reason I used no curves in the production of V. I also, at a later point in the design process, decided to use only colors that would be purely a blend of 255 and 0. The striking result is here.


When it came to making U. I was left in a state of uncertainty. What would be a good U? Nothing immediately came to mind. I though, perhaps the chicken would roost in the bottom of the U. Strangely this idea quickly lost it's appeal. With myself uncertain about it I abandoned it. Eventually I glanced the beak. It's almost a shame I didn't use this for C.


Well, as happens every so often I'm releasing a spew of my alphabet letters. I'm excited. I'm almost done with this project.

SHWA-BAM! This is the letter "T"  Usually it looks like a tall line with a wide line dropped on top of it. I decided to add a bit of flare on the left side so it wasn't boring. Then I went to myself, "But where does the chicken go..." Then the lower-case hit me. "t" Little thing popping off the top. And I was like, "Okay!"

So that's that as far as T. goes.
June 27, 2010

Kung-Fu Comeback!

Well, I decided to let the Kung-Fu Chicken make a comeback because I wanna watch the Karate Kid(Starring  Will Smith's son and Jackie Chan) some time. Maybe when it shifts into the Dollar Theater in a month or so I'll catch it. Anyways... WHA-CHA! Kung-Fu Chicken is deep in his training. Balancing himself on a log sticking out of the sea. He ain't even near any docks or anything like that. He stands strong against the striking world of swirls he lives in.

June 26, 2010

Circles Are Fun

Circles are a fun shape to play with. Well, more accurately I was playing with ellipses when I made this, and I got to have fun pretending they were all semitransparent. I think it all came off looking like it was, aside from the orange on the yellow brown mix but I couldn't find a shade that looked better. Anyways, the reason that circles are good is that they are... Actually what I was about to say is expressly untrue. I was gonna say they're a shape that's easy to render in 3D, but you can't actually do that. Still, it's easy to construct things out of those not-spheres.

Sweeping Strokes

Many works call for subtlety and gentle strokes, however if one is too subtle in their work it won't be noticed at all. For this reason I chose to use more distinct versions of the colors when I applied the shading. Originally I intended to use a white background but the contrast looked poor so I ended up settling for a gray one. I feel that the impression given by this piece leaves a smile on the face of the viewer.

Thank you for your time.
June 22, 2010

Golden Light

The monotonous golden mixture of yellow and orange contrasts wonderfully with the heavy black shading the artist used in some of his previous works. The choice to use the golden colors makes the light seem more distinct than in pieces where whit is used as the white generally feels passive. The shading leaves a hard striking impression while the background softly blends waves of yellow and gold.
June 19, 2010

Project Page Header

I decided that my project page could use a bit of sprucing up so I thought a bit and decided it needed some sort of banner or header or soemthing. It needed at least one picture on it at any rate. So here it is:
It's got a general-use chicken on the left because that's what I do on this site, a chicken foot on the far right because I'm not very good at those and decided I needed to practice, though I probably shouldn't have done that on a semi-permanent thing... A chicken in flight in the middle because it seemed exciting. A generic version of Shades McCoolGuy is on the Bottom right for character. The background is a silver tipped wing because it came to me and the thing looked rather empty. Faded look was kinda hard to get right but I think I got it right..
June 18, 2010


Here we have a classic letter. The chicken is upside-down and the entire this is rather minimalistic, though I have gone a lot farther with that before. The chicken is upside-down because that was how he looked best. Questions? No. Okay, good.
June 16, 2010

Not A New Banner

Well, I was messing around, thinking maybe I should change my banner. I mean I've had this one for a while. So I thought up a design and tossed it together. After a bit of "Eh... maybe"-ing I decided it wasn't good to go so I stamped the word alternate on the corner and decided to show you folks. Like I said though, I decided against it in the end. Probably because its too empty.
June 14, 2010


Well, I told you tune in for this one. It's a constellation. I'm sure you've seen them. Generally you just have 4-5 stars that vaguely look like a square and someone went, "Looks like a T-Rex to me" and BAM! T-Rex constellation. I put a tad more effort into this chicken. I purposely made it not like up with the actual look of a chicken but tried to make it still vaguely look like a chicken. If you're wondering why the lines connecting the stars are green it's because that's the color they are on star charts and the light blue was being used for the chicken form in the background.


R. is a pretty good letter and this chicken beak-wattle combo makes one very easily. I was actually just drawing a chicken then I turned my head a bit and saw the R. The chicken wasn't going very well but this detail didn't escape me. This chicken is a rather good design.

Stand By for Next Time!
June 13, 2010


I decided to do a Pokemon picture quite some time ago and then kinda forgot about it until now. Well, there's a chicken Pokemon so the subject seemed fairly obvious. Well, I'm not really sure what to say. I mean this is basically just a lame bit of fan art, not some clever original thing. As such I leave it at this. No, wait. He's a picture of the guy I drew.
June 11, 2010


This guy right here is very very loving. He is made of hearts. And all pink. He'd look good on the St. Valentine's Day. Probably should'a saved him.

On a related note: EARTH! FIRE! WIND! WATER! HEART! By your powers combined I am Captain Planet.
June 08, 2010

Blue Sky

This one is in the blue background. I did a few things with this. it's got some nice cel-shading and overall I like to think it came together rather nicely. I had a story when I drew it but it's escaped me. So if anyone has an idea for this guy's origin why not share it.
June 07, 2010

Go Along Doggy

The resolve and lightness of this piece brings forth a focus on the image's innate qualities. Without the passion or burning focus that is usually brought forth in these works the image is left to stand on its merits, and it falls short. While the feet don't look terrible they were clearly an after-thought and the tail-feathers are just sketched down and haven't been refined. The head is scrunched down by the comb and the eye feels too thick.


This is a claw. A bit scrawled together, but a claw none the less. One might call it a chicken foot. Just mixing it up a bit by not drawing a chicken head today, you know.
June 05, 2010

Rounder and Cuter

This little guy is rounder and cuter. Like would be in a children's cartoon. The little ball feet are pretty good looking when the image is done up like this. Easy to draw too, which is always a bonus. The only point that I immediately think needs some work is the eye. It's the same sort of eye I always use. Nothing softer or rounder about it.
June 03, 2010

New Mouse

Well, I just bought a New Mouse, so I figured I should break it in by drawing a chicken with it.

Yeah, it's just a standard chicken, showing his standard determination to do whatever he's going about. I really don't have any backstory or anything for him like I usually do. It's a bit disappointing.
June 01, 2010


I figured I should just work the alphabet into my rotation instead of using it as a back-up. I mean I'm nearly finished now. Just R, S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, and Z. Well, that's actually not that few, is it?

 Anyways about Q. itself. I made it with an O then I added the tail, but the tail is a chicken. That's pretty good, huh?

Shady Guy

What we have here is a shady-looking guy with a pink scarf. Now I was aiming for that you know shaded over look where the eyes are hidden by darkness but it didn't really work all that well in this case. The scarf on the other hand is totally awesome. I did it with a flat pattern. TV Tropes calls it Unmoving Plaid. I don't know. I like the way the effect looks. I think it makes patterned stuff more striking.