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Chicken Maker
July 31, 2013

Kingdom Hearts

I don't really Kingdom Hearts, but I'm familiar with it. Making a chicken on it was a bit of a hassle, but for my trouble I get to say... CHALLENGE COMPLETE

Kung Fu Chicken Ninja Cat

Ninja Cat tried to avoid the devastating attack launched by the Kung Fu Chicken by creating a shadow clones, but the Kung fu Chicken's aim was true. In an instant the battle was settled.

*No relation to Kung Fu Chicken

July 30, 2013

Witch Chicken Mayu

This piece was specially produced for a friend from Japan called Mayu. Or rather I was informed that I would be drawing "Witch Chicken Mayu" as a joke and then did it anyways because that's simply how I've generally worked isn't it? So, Started with Witch, which is pretty clear with the hat and broom, chicken slid in with the... chicken. She's a cheery girl so I tossed in a rainbow and I looked up Japanese onomatopoeia, and that is one. It is apparently pronounced "koke-kokko" according to the article.

July 26, 2013

Shades McCoolguy Fan Art

I received this a while ago and forgot to post it here somehow. Everyone. Look at this thing Karisean drew for us. Based of course on the popular Shades McCoolguy series. I mean... This is really good. My only objection is that his shades aren't pointy enough.

Link to this image on Karisean's DeviantArt


Rather than draw anything with any even superficial meaning I decided it would be fun to do a simple pattern of colored points. And by points I mean pointy things. These are maybe superficially knives. They're just a random outline really.


It's like that stupid song says... Cool Guys Don't Look At Explosions.


The chicken swirls in a flowing flowery dance. What more is there to do, after all?
July 22, 2013

Alien Sky 2

As the Buff Rooster continued his rather lost journey he saw a exotic alien hen. Not knowing what else to do he found himself following her, carefully and quietly. What variety of strange beast was she? His talons broke twigs under his foot and she turned to him at once. The Buff Rooster looked at the Pink Hen, unsure what to do. She cawed at him in confusion. Perhaps it would be best if he ran.
July 21, 2013

Alien Sky

Awakening in the morning the rooster let out a sharp crow, but looking at the sky he grew lost and confused. This wasn't what the morning looked like. It wasn't night or day either. It was a strange sky. The cyan moon and purple sky. How would he live his life from here. First he would search for a friend. The buff rooster set off.
July 19, 2013

Things That Aren't Chickens

Here I have pictures of some things that aren't chickens, like an elf swordsman, a nautilus, a puppy, a bee, a belt and a chicken. Wait. Darn. I said not chickens. I give up. There's also an eye and a block. Just wanted to remind you guys I could draw not chickens.
July 18, 2013

Chicken Heroics in Print

I just reviewed the print proof of my silly Chicken Heroics game so I can tell you all this. It is now available through DriveThruRPG's Print on Demand program as a perfect bound paperback, in addition to the PDF option that was available previously.

My camera adjusted things to green for some strange reason, but the pages are quite white.

EDIT July 22nd: Now it's out.
July 15, 2013


We don't have T-Shirts. I would like to make some Shirts and things, but I wander onto the Zazzle or the CafePress and I nod at it a bit, think on it, then put it off. Because I don't have high resolution art, not that I can't blow up the size of these things and do that. I just haven't yet. The prices are always so high on those print on demand shirt sites. Any of you people have any thoughts on that?  Know a cheap one? One commenter going through mentioned they were disappointed I didn't have them so I decided to think about it again.

Normal Chicken

I tried a few names like Simple Chicken, and Chicken, but those are apparently names I already used. So, this is a normal chicken. I think it looks quite nice.
July 13, 2013


For this picture I decided to do better legs than I generally do. You know, like with sorta the right shape instead of just the legs sticking out of the bottom of the chicken.
July 10, 2013


These two chickens stare in reverence of the large egg. What could it be? Some sort of Ostrich perhaps.

Sorry for my recent speed. I'll try to make up for it.
July 05, 2013

Rooster Gold

Rooster Gold is a time travelling chicken from the future. A former janitor at a museum of the future he swiped some impressive hero-ing gear from the museum and went back in time using a large egg-shaped time machine that had been on display. Arriving in the past he had a simple goal. To become a great and wealthy super hero using his knowledge of the future.

Wish I could take credit for that but those are small surface changes from the actual plot of Booster Gold, one of my favorite superheroes. It was kind of hard to make him look all shiny like that, but definitely worthwhile.

Anyways the important thing is it's an excellent play on words.
July 03, 2013


This is vaguely fashioned as a Greek god. There is a simple reason for this. I heard an ad on the radio for Greek Fried Chicken. I don't know what that is, but it isn't important.