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Chicken Maker
November 29, 2011

This is a useful tool, in that it's just the old paint. I had forgotten how many features I took for granted were added in the Vista version I admit, but nothing that I need. Just some things that simplify processes, like crop.

Anyways. This fellow's got a nice cloak, with a gold clasp.
November 26, 2011


Love protects from the darkness. And darkness is purple, but I think we all already know that, don't we?

I couldn't think of a good excuse to draw one of these swirly hearts so this is what you're getting.
November 24, 2011


Standing with his back to his field, a grey chicken watched as the dark day arrived. Swarms of turkeys strode through the open field outside his land. As he battled the endless Turkey forces one thing was clear to the grey chicken blocking their path... Today, no one would be without a turkey on their plate.

Happy Thanksgiving
November 21, 2011


The site's revival seems to have finally reached frutation after these last few rather light months. We've got three in one day. And with this one I've included a Making Of video. I tried to do one of those ages ago, but it didn't work. This one did though. Enjoy. I purposely cut back on my normal use of keyboard short cuts so you could actually see what I was doing so my use of menus was a bit awkward.


The 7 is displayed via a 7 segment display. I know it's not particularly clever but leaving that aside I liked the idea. It was going to be red, because I like red LEDs, but the comb is red so that was out.


Six. Many mistake it for a bad thing. Somehow Satanic and evil. But 6 is a good number, because 6 is the number of man, and mankind is a rare thing that both creates and destroys. But this site is about doodles of chickens, not about man or introspective thoughts. That's why the chicken is a hole.
November 20, 2011

Real Art

I was chit chatting, and moved to the topic of how real art tends to have some sort of sexual undertone or the like. I worried for a moment that that obviously meant this stuff wasn't art, since this is a family friendly site with none of that sort of stuff, but most of what I draw for this site is... cocks.

I'm sorry.
November 18, 2011

Man of Fortune

A Soldier of Fortune, except he's not a soldier. He's just a man. And really he's just a chicken. Though, he is of course a real hero. A manly hero who can set things right without starting a fight.
November 16, 2011


I added a donation button, which actually turned out to be a real pain. So, it might not stick around. I figured I may as well do it through Google since the rest of the everything is done through Google, but eh... Maybe not the best plan. Especially since it doesn't seem to work. Overall being a Google Checkout Merchant is more work than it's worth. But in 3-5 Business days I should have it in working order.(I appear to have just needed to prod it a bit or maybe it is still broken. Anyways help me toward my annual goal of 10 dollars)

I should specify that I don't really need any money and am more than willing to dip into my own pocket for that 10 dollars. And I more stuck that button here because I figured, eh why not?
November 15, 2011


With a flash the ball-like hero arrives on the scene. No one could mistake him for anything but a hero with his chicken-like color scheme. He'd show the villain what for with a sharp one-two punch
November 13, 2011

Side Show

This chicken shows up from the side.
November 10, 2011


I'm sorry, having a computer that can do things well distracted me from all of my important business, running this website. Now in my continued playing with new paint I decided to use one of those fancier brushes to draw a blurry chicken.
The image captures the feelings of the artist and the complexities of depth that the piece reflects. The varying shades of the brush strokes reflect the various facets of the character. The lack of defined color on the left side, the chicken's head, shows the undefined state of the future, while the frayed tail feathers show that the past is something that can be left to the wayside. What really matters is the present.
November 04, 2011

New Computer

Well, the dark day has arrived. I now own a new computer. As such I am now forced to use the Windows 7 version of paint if I want to work on it.

Oh wait. It looks the same.
Only real problem is that I can't use the brush anymore since it is semi transparent. I liked the cross-hair-ish thing it had before. It was like a preview before you actually made your mark. They added width options to pencil though so I can just use that instead. Of course I still have my laptop too so it's hardly a big deal. I was hoping that among its "features" would be a better text tool, as that was something I would have been likely to use immediately. I'm sure I'll do something with things in it at some point, but we'll see.
November 01, 2011


Five is the grittiest number since the number e. Which is of course 2.7 something and goes on forever. It's like Pi but it's name is less Greek. You know, a real tough guy. Remember that the square of 5 contains 5, because 5*5=25.


This one an save as a PNG(and send that as an email. Can't post as a PNG from the iPod) Free version can only do 32x32. It's a very straight pixel by pixel image editor. Nice.