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Chicken Maker
August 30, 2009

Now Taking Requests: Out of Ideas

I think I'm starting to run out of ideas. Okay, well, I'm always running out of ideas but I figured that the like 2 people who visit probably have a couple ideas to throw out here so I'd love to hear them. That way I won't have to actually have them. 

Now as far as this guy goes I was just looking at my christmas chikfilet cow and figured a chicken with a sign was the way to go.

So, ideas, toss 'em over.

Manteau et Surin de Poule

This is my very fancy french piece, which I did exactly like all my other pieces. Oh, now I put some serious thought into doing it fancier, but well I tried to and it seemed kind of awful. 

Then I got a burst of idea while I was typing this and figured out how to make it look fancy. I just had to do a bunch of short little nibbling lines like real art's made of. Now sure it looks kind of bad right up on it, but back up a few feet and it looks no worse than most of the things here. I actually really enjoyed doing the second one, though it didn't exactly come out as the ideal or something of artistic merit. Still it gives an interesting contrast with the first. I may well do another like this at some point.

Also for those of you who either A)Speak French or B) Don't Speak French I just translated Cloak and Dagger of Chicken using a crappy online translator.  Actually if you do speak French could you tell me why what I wrote up there is retarded, not minding the fact that the title didn't even make proper grammatic sense in the first place.

August 28, 2009

Mah Birthday!

Here's a totally crappy one. I made it for a friend's birthday but forgot. So I decided to post it up today, since it's my birthday. For some reason it makes me think of a cake. Not a long post today. I've got stuffs to do.

August 26, 2009


This one came out a little poorly, well really I guess I just didn't center the head well. I never would have redone it though so I'm posting it now. Anyways it's got a Gundam-style V on it's forhead to make it clear that it was a giant robot. Then I gave it the pointy comb and waddle to give it a mechanical feel.  The beak came out rather nicely I think. The head I put a good amount of effort into but I was totally half assed when I did the body. And of course he has a mono-eye so he's probably some sort of bad guy.
Anyways I was gonna call it Chik-dam, after Gundam, which was the main design influence, but I decided on Chicker-Robo, after Getter Robo, which t doesn't look like at all but the Robo has a more generic use and it sounds better. There were a few others I considered but they weren't that great, except maybe Chicken-Zord, ala Power Rangers.
And I jsut realized I already posted something today. Well whatever... Oh right I forgot I was going to beg for comments next time I posted something... I'm too lazy to actually do it though so... I'll just toss out a little... *begs for comments*

The Look

I'm calling this one "The Look." It's actaully the same chicken as on the Wallpaper. I liked the way he came out and wanted to draw him again. He looks like a tough guy. I gave his one of those psuedo-shadows in the background that you see in intros and commercials from time to time. I rather like how he came out here too. Took me more than a few tries to actually redraw one of my mostly random chickens. I mean to get the points that made him unique, which are his split on top comb,which I couldn't quite get,  slightly crooked beak, and shadowed green eyes. Interesting to actually do something like this.

August 25, 2009


I don't know what he is exactly but I know that he has got some awesome sideburns. Unfortunately he's also bald.  But he's a chicken so that's to be expected. The real shame is his small comb. Anyways Yeah.

August 23, 2009


This is a fullsized Background, 1280 x 800, which is really too big for most people but it's my computer's resolution. so that's how it is. I also have a second cropped down 800x600 version.  I didn't want to resize it straight up so you know.

August 22, 2009

Combo Play

I call this one Combo Play. I'm not really sure why. Anyways my method for this piece was a bit odd. First I drew a sorta wierd abstract squiggle thing. Then I copied it and used the spray can to color it. Then I pasted it back over the image. You know I think it gives a good impression of a barnyard fowl other than the fact that they eye is blue. Chickens never have blue eyes, as far as I know, but I seem to always use them on mine, probably becaus eit gives a better contrast than light yellow or brown...

August 21, 2009

This was an experiment First I drew the chicken base.(on the right) Then I expanded it into a chicken.(On the Left) Looks a bit goofy, yeah but that's okay. I've had much more awful ones. Then I took the Chicken base again and expanded it out to be a person.(In the Center) Now it doesn't look like a real person, but I can imagine seeing it in the Comic Strips in the paper.

August 20, 2009

Is this Even Supposed to Make Sense?

The answer is no.

You didn't expect something else did you? Fine.

You know how sometimes you get the egg with the double yoke. This has nothing to do with that.  This is clearly a Fractal chicken. Very simple when you think about it really. It's odd that it didn't come to me immediately. You see the inner chicken grew a secondary outer chicken to further it from simply chicken, destined for somebody's dinner to side-show freak chicken...

But seriously. The answer is no.

August 18, 2009

Vampire 2

I couldn't help but wondering if I've improved at all since I started. To find out I decided to remake one of my older ones. Obviously the one I redid was Vampire. I have come to the conclusion that I have improved.
I used the same basic idea. The bright red eyes and the vampire cape. Used the same color as the original, though I probably wouldn't have opted for it these days. I almost didn't use it at all. This one's got more style and a the dracula hair. Also went with the cresent moon.
EDIT: Looking back I see that I actually said I should have slicked back the waddle in that post too :D
And do look back at the last post. I want that to get as much as I can.

I Won't Turn Down A Challenge!

I was challenged and I accept! I'm not entirely sure what I've been challenged to or what I'm doing, but this arbitrarily named Kung Fu guy is gonna take you down Allie!
Ahem. I'd best not forget my standard commentary on whatever I draw... I like the swishly crescents. Thank you.

My opponent has presented her fighter

Go to her blog and vote for whichever you choose as the winner.
August 16, 2009

Pirate, Ninja, Cowboy

Here comes my latest works. I finished them all and decided they should be released as a set. Pirates and ninjas are always quite popular on the internet. And of course Cowboys and Knights slide right in there with them. Mind, I couldn't manage a good knight so it's just Pirate, Ninja and Cowboy. Did 'em all in one go.

Okay. First off I've got a pirate. He's got a bandana, a peg leg, and an eyepatch. These are the standard pirate features.  Maybe I should have stuck a skull on there somewhere, but it didn't seem apropriate. He's missing something, but I couldn't figure out what. 

Next up is the Ninja. If you can't make out the outline then try tilting your moniter You should be able to see him snce he's absolutely black(RGB 0,0,0) and the background is just a mix of dark green and blue, with some lighter lines cutting through it. Anyways, Ninja almost invisible and all that. 

I like cowboys. So he has a cowboy hat, and a vest, and all that. I would have given him a revolver, but I wasn't entirely sure how he'd manage to hold it. His hat's covering his eyes since the stranger who hunkers into town just in time to get caught up in the mess and save the day should look mysterious.

August 15, 2009

How do I justify this

How do I justify half the nonsense I post on here. I mean this is clearly a half-snake/half-brontosaurus. Yeah I said brontosaurus. It's got one of those box heads that don't go on the real dinosaur. But that's not important. Sometimes my inspiration doesn't want to draw a chicken and it does something else. Sometimes that something else doesn't look half bad and I end up wanting to stick in on here so I just doodle a chicken and  stick it in. I actually like that little tiny chicken, but he was totally an afterthought and I can't even pretend to deny it. As such I have added the "Not Chicken" tag, which is also going on some of the older posts retroactively, but there's no need to worry about that. I can't imagine the Not Chicken posts won't still have a chicken in them somewhere.

August 14, 2009

Abstract 2

This is my quite unoriginally named "Abstract 2." It is of course related to my very early Abstract piece in that it was made without the slightest focus on detail. I actually like it. Just a few lines that give the impression of a chicken without actually being one.

Point of Faith

This one I decided to do using only the spraypaint tool, and also only black though that isn't important.
The chicken is half king/half clucker. The spinning flames are as usual burning passion. And the hand pointing up is to indicate the focal point. The world is focused on the chicken. The chicken is the Point of Faith.
Mind you, Point of Faith was just the name I saved it under without really thinking too much. I can't even imagine this guy as the focus for any faith at all. Unless you mean faith in this fine blog's production.
August 12, 2009

Staring to the Heavens

This guy's looking up toward the heavens.  This embodies his search for a destiny and future. Oh, and I gave him some of those always closed eyes you see in cartoons sometimes. Anyways as I was saying this is about him staring at the sky in search of his destiny and future. 

Course since he's a chicken that's probably his future as a sandwich or otherwise food

August 10, 2009

Okay my people... ONE HUNDRED!!

Okay guys. This is my 100th post. So of course I had no choice at all but to release a picture of a hundred chickens. Now some of them are partially or mostly covered up but I promise you there are 100 chickens in this. I know, you're impressed. Don't forget to find Waldo-Chicken.
Also this is my pal's birthday. I delayed this release to coincide with the occasion. You're welcome William.
August 08, 2009


This one's called CHICKEN-DO-KEN!

I really feel that no explanation is required. 

Crazy Whatzit

I haven't done anything irregular in a while. I've been trying to think of clever themed chickens lately and haven't just tried my hand at a differenter art. I mean I've fallen into habit using the same brush(I mean there's only 12 in Paint but...) and the same dozen colors.
I started off ripping off something I saw, but then I realized some of the nice the subtle elements it had and I realized that there was no way I could pull that off in paint. Once I started though I just kept piling patterns into the background. It came out with a unique look... As to why I used green I originally intended it to just be neon green and neon orange, but I just added a bunch of colors as I started work on the various patterns burried in there. All the patterns were made using the full circle tool too. Just tried to do it all different. Maybe I should try things like this more often.
August 06, 2009

Burning Passion

The problem I now realize has been my lack of burning passion. I've just been practically forcing myself to do these when nothing was coming to me. Of course now I finally got one. Something that captures a bit of flare on it's own. I used Literal flames, figurative flames and even contrasting forces to bring it all out in this one.
I used some literal swishing flames in the background to give an impression of passion and speed. I'm not very good at flames unfortunately. That fancy shmancy guest art I got had much nicer ones. Still I think they came out looking bright and forceful.
The figurative flames can be seen in the chickens eyes and his sudden forceful motion. He looks like he's ready for a big fight or something. The comb has a similar bend to the flames giving it a similar force and I feel helpign to bring the whole image together
Lastly the contrast created by darkening the chicken makes the fire burn brighter. The darkened chicken even seems like he's being illuminated by the fire. Probably just seems that way because he's not as dark as he would be if this had been working on a night scene.
In conclusion I just haven't been going all out when doing these. There's been a distict lack of fire. Not giving it my all just gave me a bunch of mediocre things. I mean, it's not like I'm saying I won't make the same mediocre things. I know It'll stay the exact same kind of stupid, but I'll put some heart into it.
August 04, 2009


I'm short on ideas so all I've got to toss out is Red the Rooster. Also my friend's birthday is on the 10th so I'm holding a good one back for then.
August 02, 2009


This one is called "Fatty." It's not offensive or anything. I just looked at him and thought he seemed like a fat guy. Not sure why. He's clearly confused or impressed by whatever he's seeing(You can tell by the way his head is cocked to the side.)