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Chicken Maker
August 15, 2009

How do I justify this

How do I justify half the nonsense I post on here. I mean this is clearly a half-snake/half-brontosaurus. Yeah I said brontosaurus. It's got one of those box heads that don't go on the real dinosaur. But that's not important. Sometimes my inspiration doesn't want to draw a chicken and it does something else. Sometimes that something else doesn't look half bad and I end up wanting to stick in on here so I just doodle a chicken and  stick it in. I actually like that little tiny chicken, but he was totally an afterthought and I can't even pretend to deny it. As such I have added the "Not Chicken" tag, which is also going on some of the older posts retroactively, but there's no need to worry about that. I can't imagine the Not Chicken posts won't still have a chicken in them somewhere.

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