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Chicken Maker
May 31, 2009

Stupid Computer

For some reason Run says I posted it on thursday. I though I posted it like 5 seconds ago but I guess I'm just stupid.

Anyways new pic so I don't feel like I'm making a pointless post.

This is the Big Eye brow guy. He's crazy cool.

May 30, 2009

Construction using Basic Shapes

This is a special instructional Piece. I made a chicken usign only the 3 basic shapes(Triangle, Rectangle/Square and Circle) I'll admit I didn't go all out. I more built one of the little childrens toys. Anyways I used a Circle for the head, then make the body with a circle and square. Then I shrunk a triangle for the beak. I had to use more circles for the waddle so I used a second color for that I had a choice of eyes but decided to use circles. Once that was done it was simply a matter of recoloring it.

May 28, 2009

Devil in the Dark

I call this one Devil in the Dark. The evil he has in his heart comes right out through the normal darkness of the soul. Everyone had darkness within themselves but true evil shines far brighter than the darkness.  I probably should have represented EVIL with something other than a chicken but then it'd never fit on this site. It has red eyes so its evil should be clear to anyoen who sees it.


This piece is entitled "Run" I made it during school one day. It's suppsoed to be like one of those super speedy afterimage things. I think it came out rather nicely but there isn't really much I can say about it. It took a while and I wanted to 'real' one to be more solid so I gave him a black outline.

A True Samurai

As I said while reviewing the guest piece that guy was wearing a samurai hat. A short while ago I made a Blind Samurai chicken. In all honesty I've never actually watched a Zatoichi film all the way through but I've seen them enough to know that they're awesome.  I'm not 100% certain why I put the head band over his eyes, but it's an easy way to tell he's blind so why not.

Guest Chicken, from Cory Marinecz

This is the first time I've gotten any 'fan' work so I suppose I should be flattered but it's so awful that I can't bring myself to it.  Included with the image was the following quote "This is a sad chicken with a top hat and an identity crisis. :(" And being as this is a first I've decided to crush it with a 5 paragraph essay! The problems are the lack of structure, the contrasting colors and the lack of passion by the artist.

The structure is a complete mess. The porportions are terrible. The feet are poorly structured. However the artist's lack of technical efficiency can be forgiven by his inexperience in the field. Despite this some attributes are simply unacceptable. The "top hat" isn't a top hat at all. What is seen in this image is a tophat. What this is wearing appears to be something like one of those samurai basket hats.

The contrasting colors used in the image are awful. When I consulted him he told me that it was to represent the identifty crisis the chicken was suffering from. This might have been acceptable if he'd at least used duller less vibrant colors, but looking good comes before procuring a message. Of course the orange bit just looks awkward. Everyone knows it should be red after all.

Finally his lack of passion for the suject is simply obvious. This was obvious from his analysis, which seemed like a tacked on after thought. He knew it wouldn't be clear without it and yet it is just a jotted down set of jibberish. The fact that he saved it as a JPEG in paint, which is known for it's quality loss when using JPEG, shows that he just didn't care at all. 

In conclusion the work of Cory Marinecz lacks in many qualities, from his technical ability and his color selection to his lack of passion bringing down the work.  If he'd had more firey passion for his work, a stronger stylistic sense, or more technical skills the work could have stood as a fine example of what this site is all about. Unfortunately this one will never find itself so inclined, not even at the level of Two Days Too Late, during the creation of which I completely lacked any passion or style. 

May 27, 2009

celebratory photoshop chicken

As I'm sure you can all see this blog has recieved it's first comment and I am fairly certain I've heard that for every 1000 fans something it is only likely to get 1 comment. As such I have posted a celebratory photoshop chicken. However as I know this fellow I cannot use him to justify my celebration. I need a comment from someone I've never spoken to in real life. Still it is a time of celebration. 

May 26, 2009


This is a piece of social commentary. Consumerism tends to take anything and feel like it can just stamp it on anything. Of course on its face this is simply a mockery of Tony Hawk's various product lines. The meaning however can be derived from that. Just because people like chickens doesn't mean that they want it plastered on their shirt or skateboard.

P.S. Don't ever expect any other social commentary from me. Oh, and click the picture to see the un-shrunken version

May 22, 2009


I'm on a trip. This is someone else's computer. I tried to be a tourist in beautiful Florida, but it's dark and dreary
May 19, 2009

Crazy Frank

Look at this crazy looking dude. There is nothing to him but pure crazy. I've been calling him Crazy Frank. I put him on the back burner a while ago but I figured I could finish him for this marathon release I decided I was doing. I'm goingt o sleep now. I might have a couple more before I leave, but I'm not sure.

Gritty Sharpness

Come on. You know damn well that this one looks at least sort of awesome.  I like those sharp contrasting black and white comics. It seems to be a valid style with things like that game Mad World using it, so I figured I should get it on the sharp gritty style before it was too late. And yeah, I decided the cigarette should be lit.

Mega Close Up

This one seems lazy and that's because it is. I scrawled it out and liked it so there :D It's supposed to look vaguely like a poloroid but I'm sure it doesn't.
May 18, 2009


Thought I was just gonna laze about and forget did you! Guess again. I'm afraid to say I cannot claim to have done this with Paint. I was forced to use the Microsoft GIF Animator to combine them. I suppose I could lay claim to using paint since I at least made the frames with it but that'd be too close to lying. This was all thanks to the animation program. It's simple but I like it.

EDIT: Aw! It doesn't animate on here... Well here's a the version that is as I claim.



Hello everybody. Today's piece is a cyborg chicken. I made it because robots are cool and all men like such things. I think the wing came out fairly good. Maybe I should have done more with the back...
Also I will be going on a trip tomarrow and won't return. I'd say sorry or somethign but you people don't exist. That being the case I've decided to post a good number more before I leave. I promise quality in all these pieces.
May 16, 2009

MS Paint Classic

Today's piece was done with the classic MS Paint pallet. It took me forever to figure out how to get that... I'm still not quite sure how I did that, but I figure it out sooner or later

May 15, 2009


Sorry, but you're getting another short post and boring picture today. Not even cute this time
May 12, 2009

The Scrawl

"The Scrawl" is an experimental piece. I think it looks fairly nice though it is rather irregular. Maybe I should have left the outlines alone. Well regardless it looks quite artsy and that's what counts, right?

May 10, 2009

Mother's Day

It's a baby chick hatching for mother's day... 


You expect me to say something... He's so cute!

May 07, 2009

Basket Chicken

Someone once said to me "The chicken is in the basket...You know what to do." Honestly I hadn't the foggiest.  So I just went to myself... "Okay man. I'll get the basket chicken." Then I tried to advertise this blog again. Afterall I do get a few occasional visits, probably from google bots or something.

May 05, 2009


We're kicking it old school with an old style vampire. It's got a cape with a standing collar, fangs and those creepy red eyes. I'm not entirely certain where I got the idea that vampires have red eyes but meh. I probably should have slicked back the waddle dracula style. 

May 03, 2009

A Work in Minimalism

This is a work in minimalism. I removed all superfluous elements of my style while I worked on it, with the soul exception of the font, which does have rather pointless bits I suppose. I guess I could have not used the box but it is there to limit it from being taken as a piece of prose rather than a rare and industrious piece of art.  

The nature of this is to show the futility of removing the parts that are generally unneeded because without those there's nothing left worth having.

May 02, 2009

Fire and Ice

Today I've decided to work with a simple basic theme. Fire and Ice. The Fire chicken is in the front and shows his burning passion and anger. The Ice Chicken is in the back and demonstartes her, yeah it's a girl, cold, controlled aura about her. The extremes of the human spirit

Oh, and you know the literal burning flames and ice aura.

May 01, 2009

Limited Chicken Works

I am the bone of my wing
Herbs are my body, and spices are my blood.
I have created over a dozen images.
Unknown to Critics.
Nor known to Fans.
Have withstood pain to create many fowl.
Yet, that mouse will never see anything.
So, as I pray – “Limited Chicken Works”.

If I can't do a semi-obscure anime reference every so often then I don't deserve to be stupid on the internet.