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Chicken Maker
February 27, 2016

Terrific Athlete

I'm being pretty slow in my posts and that made me think about racing then that made me think about a running chicken and I figured he should probably have like the headband and I kinda like this style I rarely use and... So this is what I made. I'm making more soon.
February 22, 2016


what is this

is it a dance

what is dance

is flail dance

dance flail



very good

is dance
February 17, 2016


To engage in technology or magic. This is truly one of the hard questions in life... as long as we accept that magic is an analogy for nature or something like that.

In this fowl fellow's case though it is much more literal. Robot eye vs Wizard robe. Lightning Bolt vs Cog. Truly a challenge. It's not a balancing act that can be kept up forever.
February 16, 2016

Slick Tag

When I do different styles I have an unfortunate tendency to not do anything else interesting in the picture. So you either get what I tend to think of as my normal fairly clean style with some interesting subject matter like cool shades and funky hats or you get an interesting look but with a subject like grey chicken. So this guy I made look interesting. I don't know why but I feel like this would be some weird graffiti.

I like this sort of scrawled style, but I tend not to use it too much because it's messy and I feel like I'm slacking off when I do. After all it is as scrawly to make as it looks. Or I do it too cleanly then it looks boring.
February 14, 2016

Valentine's Day 2016

Before he saw her there was no color in his life. Thus began one of the greatest romantic comedies in the last decade.

I actually made this yesterday, but I thought I should wait.
February 09, 2016

Boogie Board

One of my friends got one of these, so naturally I immediately drew a chicken on it. Just reminding you that I can do this in pretty much any medium.


I'm trying out android apps again. This was done in Instapix. It seems to work well but it completely misuses the camera roll. I have a picture on this phone for every line I drew.

Cyber Punk

Cyber Punk isn't really a genre I do a great deal of, but dumb games and arts have taught me that this is for sure how it goes. Weird hair, freaky eyes, dangerous cybernetics and those flying binary numbers. I think it's dead on, except it ought to have some rusty garbage looking robot wing instead of this silver and gold deal.

Also I tried and thought I succeeded in posting twice from my phone. I apparently did not. These will be posted shortly.