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Chicken Maker
August 30, 2010

Golden Armor 2

Years ago the hero had fallen to the side of darkness, but another hero rose eventually. And with bravery and determination he charges straight into the home of the devil. When he came face to face with the former hero his raw sincerity left the skeletal remains of the chicken without the will to challenge him, and so he took on the armor, sure that the devil wouldn't stand a chance against him.

(The armor is 100% the same, but brighter, and I redrew everything else)
August 29, 2010

Golden Armor

The lone hero had one last chance. He's fought through everything, and acquired the Golden Armor of the legendary hero. He'd strode into the devil's castle and stared his down. It was his final chance and it would be the end of his battles...

And in that instant he was defeated. he became a vacant husk of his former self and, in a horrible turn became a guard for the horrible monster he'd gone forth to strike down. But eventually another would appear. One who could defeat him, take on the Golden Armor and face off against the devil.
August 28, 2010


Happy Birthday to Me. Don't have time to do the whole shazam with this post. Fun busy day today.

Birthdays are like cakes so I made a cake. Looks kinda drumlike, but that can't be helped. I made it kinda quickly.
August 26, 2010

Mellow in Black

Here we have a black and white chicken with a mellow disposition. I think the square eyes give him a nice relaxing vibe. I know, you think his eyebrows are a bit too extreme, but they could still step it up to a higher level. You may notice the lack of body outline. I tried it and it made him seem less mellow. The mellow-ness is important, you see.
August 24, 2010

Bad Graphics

Right here I have a bad graphics chickens. Like something on a old DOS game. Well, that's entirely inaccurate. I've never used a computer with less than 16 colors so what do I know. That's kinda what I was going off of. Maybe a bit of Bad Graphics Ghost from Homestar Runner
August 22, 2010

GASP! Not Dead

The chicken gasps. They had thought it had died and vanished but it's not dead. It's still alive and going strong. He's ready to come back right away. He jsut has to build up for it. If you can't tell this chicken is me. It's all metaphorical.

And, on a more awesome note. 100 FOLLOWERS! I came back to find something great. So, thank you  ~OMNOMneko~. I've just passively glanced your site, and haven't decided anything about it yet, but whatever 100 Followers!
August 19, 2010

Overlapping Squares With Overlap

It's a bunch of overlapping squares(NOT RECTANGLES) with bits filled in to make it look a bit like a chicken. It gives a nice change of pace, which is something I'm always trying for.You see his endlessly trapped existence symbolizes how most of us, even if we go outside of the boundaries are just ending up in a different set of boundaries, never really being free. Mind I rather like Boundaries.

Also went to RiftTrax Live Reefer Madness today. That was a fun time, so you can expect something knocked off of it later on.
August 17, 2010

Tech Logo

Well, this is a pretty simple one. I did up a chicken like some sort of tech company logo. Then I remembered what I'd learned about logos and that was that they should look good in monochrome so I did a black and white one then well, I decided to do another one with the inverse coloration. I mean the seconds and third look a bit like a Transformer or something though. The coloration is rather important.

August 14, 2010

Hero: Battle 01

Well, I first posted up a design for this project at the end of May. And now, as we approach the middle of August I release the first issue. Since you guys didn't give me any feedback when I told you I had no idea how I'd be posting this up for you to view I had to think on my own and well, I'd hate to look lazy so I decided to put some actual effort into it.

Unfortunately I haven't quite figured out how that'll be working yet so here's all the pages linked in a nice list, because they're too wide to post in a row. I suggest opening them all in background tabs(that's clicking with the mousewheel) then just going through the tabs one by one. It's really not a terrible way to post it I suppose.
In this project I ended up using both MSPaint and Photoshop. The Photoshop was mostly just for the text, cause that stroke effect makes it look so much nicer on a non-solid background. I also saved it with that in the end and apparently it doesn't like MSPaint's 4 default grays since it turned them into two interlaced piles of near identical grays. That's all in good fun though.

Now you'd think that since this is Battle 01 then obviously the next issue is Battle 02 and normally I'd agree with you but instead I decided that starting it from here would leave anyone who actually read it confused so I'll be doing Battle 00 next which will be what led up to the events of the comic. It will probably only be a few pages but that's cause it'd get boring if I drug it out.

So, please tell me what you think!
August 12, 2010


This is a happy chicken sitting in its new nest. It was made by her own hands, despite her lack of hands. As a chicken this sort of thing can't really be helped. I suppose it was probably made by here own talons rather than her own hands. The basic idea is fairly obvious at any rate.

Go With The Flow

Go with the flow. This post is a life lesson, but more importantly this guy is just relaxing and going with it. I mean if things are going bad you should try to pull out of it but generally just go with it and things tend to work out.

Expect one more later tonight.
August 11, 2010

Ready To Fight

This guy's tough. Evil, at the best he's a mercenary who goes where violence is. He's always ready for a fight. Having lost his right eye in a fight with a Japanese samurai assassin he's made up for his lack of depth perception by just being such a violent chicken that the nobody's willing to mess with him.
August 10, 2010


Well, this is a chicken receiving his inheritance in British Pounds Chicken(as opposed to Pounds Sterling)

If this seems like nonsense at a glance it's because I've received the same spam mail 3 times

We wish to notify you again that you were listed as a Heir to the total sum of (Three Million Six Hundred Thousand British Pounds) in the codicil and last testament of our deceased client. Name now withheld since this is our second letter to you.
We are reaching you the second time because her instruction stipulates that this fund should be paid directly to you upon her death.
If you receive this notice, we request you to kindly acknowledge officially to enable us file in all necessary legal documents to the paying bank for the urgent release of your inheritance.

Please call urgently or send an acknowledgement email to enable us process your inheritance.
Yours Truly,
James Patton

EDIT: Just to keep all my cool internet chums up to date. As of August 15th I'm up to 6 copies of this message from 3 when I posted this.
August 09, 2010

Cut Away Letters

Here's a chicken with a stencil of the word chicken over it. At least that's how I've been vaguely thinking of it. I can imagine it being in some variety of cartoon theme song. So yeah. You can see the chicken that it there through the hole that is the letters. And what is that hole if not the filters we put of people when we look at him. You can only see him through the filter of chicken.
August 07, 2010


Okie dokies fellas I'm back and I fulfilled my New Year's resolution even.(If you forgot I was trying to get a job. Took quite a while huh?)

This is an orange chicken. He's got a lot of orange going for him. I mean when I'm feeling blue I gave you some blue chickens and now I'm feeling kinda orange... Okay, I admit that doesn't really mean anything. But screw you. END.
August 06, 2010

Out of Town

I'm going to be out of town for a bit. Here's an emergency chicken(It doubles as a Making Of connected to Chicken Rider Kick!) Sorry about this. Be back soon.
August 03, 2010


SWISH! That's the impression I get looking at this guy. I think the Lines look pretty good.

Sorry for the lack of content in this post.
August 01, 2010

Minecraft Chicken

Well, I have more Minecraft. I built a chicken in Minecraft Classic. I think it's pretty styling so I took shots of it from several angles. Like I said. I'm addicted. Be glad I managed to channel it into a chicken.

Block-ish(Minecraft addiction)

My apologies for messing up my regular rate by not posting yesterday. I got addicted to Minecraft(featuring chickens) It's a pretty fun game. Like a world builder. Pay versions way more interesting than the 'classic mode,' cause you're engaging in some survival type things
At any rate I made a vaguely block-ish chicken because I'm addicted to that stupid game. Also the chickens in that game need to get some combs going for 'em.