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Chicken Maker
August 09, 2010

Cut Away Letters

Here's a chicken with a stencil of the word chicken over it. At least that's how I've been vaguely thinking of it. I can imagine it being in some variety of cartoon theme song. So yeah. You can see the chicken that it there through the hole that is the letters. And what is that hole if not the filters we put of people when we look at him. You can only see him through the filter of chicken.

1 comment:

  1. Wow. The phrase that made this post about our perceptions of each other was an unexpected one.

    If the label "CHICKEN" is insufficient to reveal the whole person, what might we conclude about humanity? What is it that makes a human more than a human? Certainly one cannot by his own will make himself more than he is. True identity, then, must come from without, if we really are more than just another species.