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Chicken Maker
May 31, 2010

Dot Chicken 2

I have created a second Dot Chicken, since I rather like the look and it took forever to draw that stupid series of dots. I think it looks pretty good. I should probably have added some legs. This one's got the wattle though and the last one didn't.
May 29, 2010


This Henshin hero is unleashing a crowing kick at his foes.

Anyways the Kamen Rider series has a sort of broken nostalgia for me. I loved the TERRIBLE Masked Rider show that was on Fox at the same time as Power Rangers. (I've seen it since. Was running on pure nostalgia.) But I watched some of the actual ones and I rather like them. Got a good number of explosions and fights and what not.

You know a Kamen Rider(that's foreign for Masked Rider) was a lot harder to do than a Power Ranger. These guys have almost no consistency. Pretty much belts, bikes, that muscle looking armor(usually), and their traditional finishing move of a RIDER KICK!(which is fancy talk for jump kick and what I drew)
May 28, 2010


Well, I've decided to use this new comments link, replacing the old one. Anyways I went with hearts to demonstrate the show of love for my site. I initially started with the same saying smiley faces that I had in the old one but it didn't quite have the right style.  It didn't fit with the rest of the image, and the image had to match with the project link after all. The hearts looked much better if you ask me.

 Also the font is Jasmine. It took me a good 15 minutes to find the font.

Are You Popcorn?

Well, are you? Don't pretend like you aren't sure. Are You Popcorn? That chicken's popcorn. Are you popcorn?

You know I didn't even think of popcorn chicken until right now.
May 27, 2010

Shocked Sideways

This is a chicken in a state of shock. I'm not really sure why I drew it sideways. I just start drawing and it all comes together. This is how it stuck together and I think it looks pretty good. Eye don't care for the eye.

... Sorry for the terrible pun. I love them. If I could think of chicken-based ones I'd use them.
May 25, 2010


I guess I was a liar. I posted up the "That's All Folks" thinking I was finished up for this sprint. But well... Here I come with the letter P.
 The idea behind this one. hit me like a cannon. The last time I stuck a chicken in the hole but why not just have the hole be the chicken. Then a word came to mind. Well, that's not quite true. It's a prefix. Pseudo- This pseudo-chicken was the obvious solution when it came down to it. It's black and white because it's not really there, being just a shadow of a notion. Whether it's the chicken or the P that isn't really there is up to you, but if you ask me both are just notions.


Yeah, I'm doubling up for this 1 in the Morning sprint I got. This is O. I admit it's rather blatant but I figured you all appreciate me mentioning my inspiration. It was good ole porky pig popping out at the end of Looney Tunes and giving up his stuttered catch phrase, "That's all folks."


I've been in a bit of a slowdown this past month so I've decided that it's time for me to kick it up a notch here. And by that I mean I've resumed work of the alphabet.

I drew the N without really caring much. I've started on it a few times before but never finished it so I didn't really think on it too much. Then I turned my head a bit and there is was. The two beaks which would allow the letter to be with the chicken.
May 24, 2010

Hero LVL 1

This is something from my latest vague idea. This chicken is a magical summon called forth by an inept mage. The two of them are quickly dragged into a tournament between powerful summoners who call forth gods and demons. He would just surrender in the first round and run away but the winner devours the loser and Hero the Chicken isn't chicken and also doesn't want to get eaten.

I haven't figured out what it's going to be yet. I mean maybe like a comic? Or I could try my hand at animation again? Maybe do it up like Dual Chicken, a picture show and a paragraph?  I'm kinda leaning toward doing a comic, at least that was what I initially thought of to go with the concept. If I got some opinions that would be nice. Maybe I'll throw out this idea all together and go with something else.
May 21, 2010

Less Than Perfect

He strikes out with a burst of force from his eyes.

I'll be the first to point out that the coloration of the tail feathers and the end of the wing should probably be browner.  The angle is pretty meh.  The tail feathers are ridiculously shaped. All that said I think it pulls together well.
May 19, 2010

MS Paint in the Lines

What can I say. I said I wanted to do this one again in Paint for comparison purposes. Of course there's some differences but those are mostly just out of my trouble at drawing the same one twice. (I can if i really put my mind to it) And having made this one I think it worked better in Photoshop. The smoothness made the overflow look more natural.

Stay In The Lines

I felt like a coloring book, which for me was usually being angry because I inexplicably didn't have red and only had that Violet Red that looks red until you draw with it and it's purple. This is of course the reason the eye is purple and my reds are Cherokee Red(or whatever that color's called now)

Anyways I got bored and decided I ought to mix it up with a bit of PhotoShop so I'd have some pieces that look more different.(I may in fact be doing this exact piece again in Paint, just for some side by side comparison)
May 17, 2010

Literally on Fire

This dude's eye is literally on fire. He was born as a spike passionate youth, but while glaring very heavily at his enemies his right eye suddenly burst into flames. After screaming in horrible pain for a while he regained his composure. As he strode with his flaming eye no one challenged his burning authority.
May 14, 2010

Exiting Come Back

Well, after writing about The Rooster Mask I couldn't help but actually make him. After all of his doubts he finally got up, slicked back his comb, pulled of his mask and leapt back into the ring. He was a great and powerful wrestler and had no fear in his heart. He looked forward with a steadfast determination and no regrets.
May 13, 2010



Here we have a rather standard chicken looking up, likely reminiscing about his past as a masked wrestler which he will only remember in a vague far off fashion. He thinks he's grown too old and tired for it but his fans all think he could still make a comeback if he really tried. He sometimes sits in the crowd watching, but it just pulls at him. The Chicken dreams of returning to his past exciting life. He truly wants to make a comeback as The Rooster Mask.
May 09, 2010


This guy's a chicken from both normal looking perspectives and flipped over ones. As I recall such an image is called a rotational ambigram. It's not as good as I'd hoped but I gave up.
May 05, 2010

You Gotta Get To The Other Side Released

My Flash game is now available for playing.  Here I'll toss out some of the concept art I have for it so this feels like a post on this blog and not some strange weird thing that isn't this site.

And now I reveal some easily guessed elements: It's sort of like Frogger. I made it in Flash. Everything was drawn in MS Paint. That booming voice is a synthesized voice put through a bunch of filters.

May 03, 2010

Hidden by a Neon Scarf

Hidden by Neon
Strip of Flowing Stripe-ed Scarf
Unfeeling Chicken

Just tossing out your basic 5-7-5 Haiku. Also that Strip-ed is just an split Striped. Poetry is half about bending words to the form you need them to be after all.

Also after forgetting about it I've set my Analytics account back up for this site.
May 01, 2010

Bronze Medal

I hereby award you, the reader of this blog, Chicken Maker, the Bronze Medal for Good Taste and Brand Loyalty throughout the site's first 300 posts. Thank you very much and please continue to support us as we continue toward our goals.