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Chicken Maker
May 29, 2016

Walk in the Light

To avoid the shadows of the past there are two choices. To walk in a light so bright that they can't be seen or to hide in the darkness. While he looks back in uncertainty no shadows of regret linger on the path behind him.

The shadows of the past are obviously symbolic of my not posting for a week.
May 20, 2016

HD Background May 2016: Blind Martial Fowl & Kung Fu Chicken vs Ninjas

So, in March I said I was going to do one of these a month for a while, but I forgot to do one last month. Regardless of that here is the background for this month.

In this piece the illustrious Blind Martial Fowl teams up with Kung Fu Chicken to face off the oncoming waves of ninjas. Ninjas are still good, right? I know normally waves are mostly of zombies or such these days but ninjas seemed like a better match for Martial Artists.

You can download this, and many other wallpapers, from this post on my Patreon.
May 19, 2016

Same Chicken Post #8 (2016 Chicken Maker Style, Line Art Style)

In 2010 I tried to codify the way I draw things. It was an interesting project and I think it could use a bit of an update. Welcome back to Same Chicken, where I draw the same chicken again.
Both my Basic Chicken Maker and Advanced Chicken Maker styles have long fallen to the wayside. This is probably a combination of aspects of them both, brought together with a flatter aesthetic that I tend to keep to these days. Since this is basically my 2016 Chicken Maker Style I don't really know how to describe it. It's the default. I normally start with the beak, then the comb, then the wattle, then after I have that face area defines I take a few tries and get a nice clean stroke for the chest and back. The oblong wing shape is simple enough, but adds a bit to the over all quality.

I think my Line Art Style is just about identical to my normal one, but without colors. I usually do more fine detail stuff if I'm not planning to color it, and I almost always add a wavy neck line, but I really don't think I would describe this as a different style. I almost just uncolored the above.

It's fascinating to look back at my own stuff.

May 16, 2016

Leave Blue

Okay, the third Blue Period of Chicken Maker is now concluded with this piece, a  magnificent leap from the monotonous blue to colors. You may note that the colors are in the reverse of their normal order. This was done to avoid the colors overlapping, as in the initial draft both the comb and beak vanished all together within the rainbow. After a consideration of alternate shades it was decided that using the standard shades was more important than the normal "Rainbow" color order.
May 15, 2016

Gritty Blueness

I'm not really happy with this one. I think I need to undergo some sort of remedial Gritty Sharpness training. It is after all my signature style. Also I was going to claim that this was the first gritty blueness, but that's not even true.
May 13, 2016

Blue Fairy

Pinocchio's Blue Fairy has always been an interesting character. She's his mother figure I guess, but there's the fact that she insists on testing him before letting him fulfill his dream. There are a lot of things going on there. Anyways, that really has absolutely nothing to do with this, unless she's going to turn that broom into a real boy.

I really like this one, but I can't think of anything to mention here.
May 11, 2016

Blue Continues

I thought it over and decided... Sure, why not. I didn't have some other clever plan for the moment. Chicken Maker dot Net will soon return with clever plans.
May 09, 2016

Blue is the Way

My blue period was long ago, back in October of 2009, and then again in 2012. Might be time for another one, but probably not. Pretty sure doing it again would be boring, though it was like 4 years ago.
May 08, 2016

Rage and Serenity

Consider this piece a draft. I made it and I like the design, but I feel like this would be better served by a slightly different approach. I'll get back to you all if I ever actually do that.

Also it's a bit dark, intentionally, but I would like to draw your attention to the red flames of rage and the smooth flow of serenity that engulf the two of them as they face off in their eternal balance.

Seeing Doom

I think it's obvious to you all that I've been slacking on this. Don't worry though. I'll be making up for that.
May 02, 2016

Set Sail For Adventure

Yargh matey! Are ye ready ta set sail-

Wait, maybe this is more steam punky. Uh... I don't remember how to talk all Victorian.

Art thou prepared to set a course on the path of adventure?

Mmm... Close enough.