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Chicken Maker
May 31, 2012

New Email

I set it up a while ago. Not sure why it wasn't updated on here until now. Instead of that silly address I've been using my new contact information is the much more official and legitimate

Because if there's something this site strives for it's professionalism.

Sky Blue Mask

In the darkness an anonymous hero thrives
Known only by the Sky Blue Mask that shines

To the new Anonymous(es) leaving the comments.
May 30, 2012


I took some time to look up things about good logo design and the only worthwhile advice I found was "Use Vector Graphics" and "Should Work in Black and White" Both of these I already knew, though I'm ignoring the first one. Most of the articles I read said, "Hire a pro. Don't do it yourself." And I'm certainly not doing that. I think this logo is better than the last one.
May 29, 2012


I have added a random button to the side bar along with the various pages. When you click it it will send you to a random page on here. I figured we should have one, since the content of this site is mostly separate and it's mostly a matter of some random humor.


This is something I designed as a logo. Like if I was a company and needed to stamp it on the top of the pages. You know. A clear image that will look fine in Black and White. Doesn't feel quite right though so maybe I'll try again.
May 28, 2012

Rainbows and Sunshine

For some inexplicable reason I don't feel fantastic... And there's only one way to fix that. Rainbows and Sunshine. It's all you need. This is what makes you feel fantastic. That sun has got some cool shades.

Cell Shaded

Shading is fun. It helps to distinguish one from the next, though I shade them all the same so I don't think it actually helps with that.

Memorial Day

Memorial Day is a holiday about honoring the fallen, so this is a relatively somber picture. Doing something silly seemed inappropriate. Or rather doing anything seemed inappropriate because this is a silly site.

Anyways, in practice this holiday is about picnics and seeing family.
May 25, 2012

First Layer In A While

This is the first picture I've done with the "Layer" style in a while. Mostly crescents.
May 24, 2012

Snake Head

A horrible beast with the head of a snake, the body of a chicken and the heart of a turtle... I wasn't really sure how to draw the heart of a turtle into a picture so take my word for it.
May 18, 2012

ChickenMaker™: The Board Game

This is the long sought after ChickenMaker: The Board Game.

Here's what you'll need!
1 six-sided die(Borrow it from Yahtzee or Monopoly or just buy some at the drug store)
A printed copy of this.(If you're feeling ritzy you can spring for some card stock)
Something to use for player tokens(I'm a fan of pennies)

How to Play

Before starting play everyone should choose a token and decide the order of play. Clockwise around the table is favored for convenience. Place each token on the START space.

On Your Turn
  1. Roll the die. 
  2. Move the number of spaces you rolled, following the turquoise lines.
  3. If you landed on a space with a marking follow the instruction on the sheet
  4. If you rolled a six take another turn.
  5. If you rolled a one you are passed next time it is your turn.
The first one to reach the END space is the winner.

Now I hope everyone will have fun with this, or at least gives it a try!
May 16, 2012

Nu Design

Well, the New Banner ran its course. It's time for a redesign. I threw up a banner a couple month ago and now everything's ready. The banner got tweaked a bit, since I thought it was kind of empty.  So, I'm going to be setting the whole thing up now. All the new images are in the post. It'll be shuffling things around for a bit until it's settled. If you show up in the middle well... It'll be in order shortly

White Beak

A god of chickens can only be their blind god of justice White Beak, who lives among the clouds. Important point to specify. This picture is not in Black and White. That's what he looks like, and I thought a silvery sky would be nice. Actually I made him up as part of a vague generic fantasy setting... of Chickens. The other gods would be things like Cluckthulu and A Tyranosaurus. Will I do anything with this fantasy world? Who knows. Probably not.

May 14, 2012

TV Tropes

So guys. To help with ruining your lives/running this site I made a TV Tropes page about this site. Kind of surprised I never did it before. Page is kind of terrible as is so if any of you are secretly TV Tropes aficionados now is your chance to help me out in a way other than clicking my "Gimme a Dollar" button.


And now, finally, after all the time it took. HERO is complete, never to return. I think I had some good ideas, but the execution wasn't that great. And I forgot whatever plot I had planned for things more than once. If you've been watching sorry for the wait, and if you haven't you should take a look at the rest of the series.

Teals in my Eye

He's teal and has a tear in his eye. Do you get it?
May 13, 2012

Mother's Day Child's Drawing

♪ It's mother's day 
♪ It's mother's day 
♪ I'm happy that it's mother's day 
♪ And I want my mom to be happy too 

That's a song I sang for my mother more than a few years ago. As with last time I don't expect her to ever see this. Anyways my concept was a kid drew his mom a picture on some lined paper with crayons. Crayon effects are kind of a pain so I admit I just scrawled some white over it with the spray can tool.
May 08, 2012

Artsy Finals

It's finals week here at college. So I'm not posting very much. I came on to say I don't have time to be artsy, but I think I could probably get way artsy on a piece like this.

Just look at the unique contrasts and overlaps giving a clear sense of despair.
May 05, 2012


This guy is just a ball of fun...

I'm not sure if this is cute or not. Hit me with some opinion in the comments
May 03, 2012


I just felt like doing a simple and clean design, so I did. Here it is. The end.

I don't have anything clever to say.