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Chicken Maker
May 18, 2012

ChickenMaker™: The Board Game

This is the long sought after ChickenMaker: The Board Game.

Here's what you'll need!
1 six-sided die(Borrow it from Yahtzee or Monopoly or just buy some at the drug store)
A printed copy of this.(If you're feeling ritzy you can spring for some card stock)
Something to use for player tokens(I'm a fan of pennies)

How to Play

Before starting play everyone should choose a token and decide the order of play. Clockwise around the table is favored for convenience. Place each token on the START space.

On Your Turn
  1. Roll the die. 
  2. Move the number of spaces you rolled, following the turquoise lines.
  3. If you landed on a space with a marking follow the instruction on the sheet
  4. If you rolled a six take another turn.
  5. If you rolled a one you are passed next time it is your turn.
The first one to reach the END space is the winner.

Now I hope everyone will have fun with this, or at least gives it a try!

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