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Chicken Maker
November 29, 2010

Cyborg Zombie President

Here we have a totally radically awesome picture of the cyborg zombie (chicken) president of the USA, and an anti-zombie activist he bit making the whole thing rather awkward for the both of them. I actually really like how the president came out. He looks like a zombie, he looks like a cyborg. I wasn't quite sure how to capture president. I mean he feels a bit more like secret service, but I say he's the president so you know he is. As for the blood spatter. My MS Paint had some strange error causing it but it looked cool so I went with it. Though it did ruin the sign because I couldn't cover back over the "NO ZOM"

Yeah, I went for a two-fer on my challenges.(... complete!)

Fluff ball

As I said during the last baby chick picture I am not good at fluffballs. This is what you're getting at any rate. It's better than the one linked in the challenge at any rate.

He's a poofy poof. He's a poofy poof. Poofy poofy poof. He's a poofy guy! Yeah.

November 27, 2010

Truly Alien

Okay, last nights rush didn't really happen, but I totally planned to do it.
This is chicken-like while being entirely alien. Check out that green clouded
purple sky. Also his various tentacles and Venus-Flytrap mouth

November 26, 2010

Swiss Army Chicken

One of my first challenges completed. Normally I'd ramble off some commentary, but there's a lot of words on the picture so that's enough.


Also I had a computer virus eating my computer and missed the Thanksgiving update which is probably good cause I couldn't seem to draw a belt on a hat. I'm going full stop tonight so we'll see how much we get.

Oh, and I got many lots of comments. Anonymous were you a single guy or did I get a whole lot of interest all at once.
November 22, 2010


This is a Detective obviously. Look at the Fedora. I decided to go with a red shirt to match the red hat stripe, which in turn was red because it covered up the comb. I went with gray instead of black for the vest and hat because they would have blended between the outline too much.
November 21, 2010

Stay In the Chicken

This is the feminist chicken. She is a successful CEO of a major company but that smart-ass guy keeps telling her to Stay In The Kitchen, offending and angering her.

The title is of course a pun since Chicken and kitchen sound similar.

November 20, 2010

Chibi Chicken(AKA Rounder And Cuter)

Here I have completed the Chibi Challenge I got ages ago. You may notice that I in fact finished it before it happened. I'm just cool like that.

November 18, 2010


This chicken is on an endlessly exciting oceanventure. With only a magical bubble of some sort to protect him from all that high pressure and lack of oxygen. The chicken is slightly worried about the hoard of fish but mostly he's worried about the flimsy bubble bursting.

Invert Checkers


Well, sorry for the short break, but I have a new chicken today. He's inverted black and white chicken in a checker pattern. I'm kinda disappointed in my lack of exposition. I've got nothing though. Not even a blurb of artsy nonsense

Also, the banner has been slightly altered to make up for our new friend Michael.
November 15, 2010

Block By Block

Sometimes I like to work pixel by pixel, but well those are tiny and you don't really get to see the work, resizing them to be bigger just looks weird though. The big blocks here on the grid sheet are good. I like the effect of the grid lines.
November 12, 2010

Ghost! Ghost!! Ghost!!!

This is a chicken shaped like a cheesy ghost. I think that's all that needs to be said really.
November 08, 2010

Bright Shadow

The bright form in the background serves to highlight the appearance of the dull chicken in the foreground. The lack of the usual thick outlines allows the two chickens to blend together. The two together let you see the actual chicken somewhere between the extremes.
November 06, 2010

Dual Chicken Wallpaper

I feel much better now, and to prove it to myself I made a wallpaper. But I feel a bit sick now so maybe that was a bad call.

Perhaps I miss the Dual Chicken. He was my first project and over the length of his creation my style developed quite a bit. Perhaps I'll do something again with him with consistent art and maybe a story that people who aren't the one who made it up(read: me) can follow. Well, the second would kinda ruin the point but with more notes to make things more confusing perhaps. Maybe a flash animation or something. You know, later. Or maybe soon if I'm feeling it, but this got the itch to do something with him out of my system for now.
November 04, 2010

Dizzy(Still Pretty Sick)

My sickness continues. I didn't even touch a computer yesterday.
And I think I'm too dizzy to draw, but I tried.

I went to the doctor and got a bunch of pills and a shot of penicillin. My doctor didn't tell me what's wrong with me... but I feel pretty awful.
November 02, 2010


Ugh... I have a throbbing headache. My eyes are red, and I feel pale, though I can't say whether or not I am.

This chicken is an analogue of how I'm feeling if it's unclear. I hope it was fairly obvious.