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Chicken Maker
July 29, 2017


Long strides. Looking forward. Living your life... I've played far too many video games though so I tend to think of right as forward. I feel like I've made this comment before though.
July 27, 2017

Tennis Ghost

I've heard some claim about the greatest tennis player of all time in recent weeks. So long as they are excluding ghost chickens they might be right, but this is the greatest tennis player of all time.
July 23, 2017

Stone Art

Cave drawings are a historically interesting. Jumping the flames. I considered making the background a desk, but the perspective made it hard to show that.
July 22, 2017


It's been a long time since I did anything in a generic fantasy direction. I burned myself out on it back when I did Chicken Heroics after all.


The blast of fire comes from behind. Another horror to add to the endless string that was life. The only choice is to continue forward. Eyes open.
July 18, 2017


Hey guys. I went on vacation and forgot to post things. So yeah. Florida was a fun weekend for me. I have been doing art though. It's only been enlightening me though instead of also amusing you, my loyal following. You guys exist, right?
July 08, 2017

Hunt For Food

I feel like this should be paired with a deep and dramatic story.

Wandering the barren wasteland, his eyes never left the ground. There was no one and nothing nearby. The chicken had even eaten some dirt. No bugs... No plants... The hunt for food would end some day and probably not in success.
July 04, 2017

Flag 4th

Hey everyone. It's Independence Day here in the USA so enjoy this flag while I say...

Happy 4th of July.

I think matching the shading of the chicken to the flag stripes looks nice.