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Chicken Maker
September 30, 2009


Good news friend. You Are Impressed with this site. Just thought I should let you know. I am not trying to hypnotize you with this picture.
I'm running out of stupid ideas.  HA! A likely story.

September 27, 2009


This is the Sarge.  I'm not sure why he makes me think Sergeant but that's not really important. What's important is that he looks to be touch as nails.

September 25, 2009


Okay, here we go. This one is called "BOX THROUGH THE FACE!" Here's the down low on it. The Boxing Chicken(center), who I'm calling Joe, saw his next opponent, The Tiger(Right), about to be mugged so he stepped in had his opponent hold off and then slammed his fist straight at the mugger(Left)'s face. The mugger twisted his leg and dropped his knife from the sheer force from the devastating punch. The Tiger  is now shocked by the incredible force of Joe and is unsure if he should even enter the ring.

I notice I've been working with much larger canvases lately. It's actually rather nice to have so much room to play.

Anyways I am of the firm opinion that this beats what Briones sent me yesterday, though I can't say for sure. Please give your opinion.
September 24, 2009

"hold the line!" by Briones

 Yes, that's right. It's time for another guest chicken from Briones. He's great at this but only in short bursts. Tomorrow's his birthday so I decided I have to completely crush this one with my next. It really is nice though. See how he's got that nice fire. I just can't pull off that sort of fire. Really I can't give some in depth commentary on it and it is pretty solid. The only real problem with it is that it should have been a Chicken Knight vs. a giant fire breathing chicken. I mean come on. That's just simple logic that is.


Okay, here we go. This one is called "Haunting" because it's a ghost. Very simple logic. Now onto my favorite part. The "plot" element of this one is that a chicken, quite possibly one possessed by a demon, was killed and turned into fried chicken. However even when a coffin was chucked in the bucket his soul, which has demon red eyes, still haunted the family who brought it home for dinner. 

September 23, 2009

CM Paint

Okay, I'm doubling it up again today, and not just because the last one kinda sucks. I got hit by an inspiration. I was on another blog that had nothing to do with this one. (Well, almost nothing. They, by which I mean one girl, challenged me before. I, unfortunately, lost.) Anyways, this fellow from the UK asked her for an MS Paint drawing of MS Paint and I says, well what I said to myself while slamming my first on my table was, "I'll show you. Mine'll be twice as painty and have way more chickens!" Mind I never expect that person to find this blog so I'm not really sure how I expect to show him. Maybe I should find some way to bother him.

Also in case you aren't any good at this sort of thing CM stands for Chicken Maker and has two letters, just like MS.


Okay, he's a sort of thing I've been wanting to try with the faded thing in the background and the not faded one smaller in the foreground. It came out really awful but when has that ever stopped me. I mean he's got some styling cool shades and when you get right down to it that's what counts.
September 22, 2009


This one is BLUE STRAiGHT, YEAH! The name is more or less completely and totally arbitrary but that can't be helped. He's a very plain design. Rather he's a very plain chicken with a rather strange deisgn. Like someone cut the sides off. This kind of look shows up in Cartoons fairly often now that I actually get to thinking about it. Oh, and I figured out how to do the beside picture ones, but they insist on being centered for some reason. Wait. There we go. Exactly how I want it to work.


Buddhist Monk type guy! He used to be a jerk, but after breaking his beak he became a better person and found some religion. In some Fridge Logic he might have picked the wrong one since Buddhism's big in India where they don't eat beef but...  I did the comb all short to the head since Buddhist monks shave their heads, though that has some unfortunate implications, what with it being like asking you to shave your fingers short.

This new Blogger Post Editor has some nice features but also seemed to like to mess with me. I can't figure out how to get the text going right alongside the picture, though I know I can since I switched it last time.  Also now that I can filter down my sidebar thing to only some tags I think I'll start adding some extra ones that are only relevant to the specific post since I don't have to factor them all into my sorting scheme anymore.

September 21, 2009


This is Dominion. I found it in the recesses of my Hard drive. I don't think it was posted before but it is fairly old. He's Demon possessed or some such thing.

Also I now have a Twitter feed that goes with this fine blog.  Seemed like a good way to get 1/3 of a new viewer so I did it.
September 18, 2009


Today I made a stylin' cool Hide and Seek Chicken. He's the one seeking so his hands wings are over his eyes as he counts to 11dy-6 or whatever random made up number kids count to when they play. That or he's about to say BOO to a baby.
September 17, 2009

All Triangles

This one's All Triangles, both in name and in construction. I was being annoyed and you know just went ahead and tried simple shapes again. Admittedly it could've been simpler if I hadn't comvered some of them with other ones but meh.

September 16, 2009

Some Days I Feel Crazy Go Nuts

Not very often mind you, but some Days I feel crazy go nuts. today was apparently one of those days since I drew this thing. I'm fairly certain its about being a manly man means being a crazy dude, but I can't say for sure. 
September 15, 2009

Looking Out

This here be a chicken staring out into the sun set. Reminds me of No Boundaries in so far as the subject matter. That is to say chicken staring at the with it's back to the viewer. Anyways this piece symbolizes looking back on all they've achieved while still being confident that there is more to come because every day the sun will rise again.
September 13, 2009

Contrast Focus

It's huge! I used a contrast between the Gritty Sharpness, which my friend insists I didn't invent, which I guess is true but that doesn't change the fact that it's called the Gritty Sharpness, and my usual style to draw attention to the main attributes while giving the background a nice quality. The vague version is that the chicken, who I've been thinking of as some sort of explorer/looter is looking for the Golden Plate. He just found it in a statue's hand.

And I haven't posted lately so I'm a bit disappointed. I really just haven't had much inspiration. I'm sure a streak of it will hit me any time.
September 09, 2009

Head 2 Head

Yeah I figured this fight ought to be front and center. It's a standard sort of Head to Head Fighter screen that I don't think I've ever actually seen in a head to head fighter. I'm sure this is the way a generic one should be though. Now, I'm gonna be straight here. I almost made this two separate releases, because I'm lazy, but this is better.

Fighter number Left! He's a soldier in camo with a bunch of grenades and some eye black. Looks ready to kick your ass anyways... I call him G. I. Chicken, because it's the first crappy name to come to mind, well second. The first was Chicken Joe, but I feel like that should be a boxer for some reason.
Next up, on the Blue team, we have a cyborg chicken, which is totally different from the other one of those I made. His comb is gold, as is that bit on his face and the thing about his glowing green, which can probably shoot a laser. Then I stuck some mixed and matched puzzle piece metal plates all about him and called him good. And he is, of course, Mecha-Chicken, like in the Godzilla.
September 08, 2009

The Zed Word

Here's my Zombie. I received a request and I didn't see any good reason why I didn't have one.

So okay man. Let's see here. Firstly I made him that pale green color I seem to recall zombies being for some reason, then I of course had to use pale for the beak and comb too, so it didn't look like crap. Crescent moon is there because they're more stylish.

Of course the eye not being in the socket is there to represent his rage being blind. The Zombie isn't a racist or a sexist. It's more than willing to kill and eat you no matter who you are.  And, yes. That is a symbolism, because the Zombie represents the government or something to that effect. I guess that's more of a Social Commentary, though I did say I probably wouldn't be doing those. And this all relies on an absurd metaphor anyways.

September 07, 2009

Combo Play Again!

It's Combo Play Again! because it's like Combo Play. Same exact idea except I used the paint brush instead of the fancy spray can.  There's not really anything else to say about it.

September 06, 2009

Stormcrow the Green

You know I realized there are a lot of really generic things I haven't bothered with, like RPG classes. That's why I decided to do a wizard. Gave him a big waddle to make up for the lack of beard and a pointy hat because wizards 'ought to have one. He's got a hooked beak 'cause I seem to recall wizards having hooked noses.

Well, yeah. I gave him a Name the Color name like in Lord of the Rings, and even used a name generator to get the Stormcrow bit.

September 05, 2009


I recently, Wednesday actually, attended a meeting of my college's fencing club. It was a lot of fun, though I came to the conclusion that whoever made the rules is an asshole. I'm just saying, when I get stabbed in the groin and the other guy gets the point. I didn't even think to wear a cup...

Anyways now that you know why I drew a fencing chicken it's time to talk about the picture itself. Firstly I drew a chicken. Then I drew his fencing vest on, including the dangly bit of strap that comes up. Then I drew a sword. I guess it's a foil with a French grip.  Completely irrelevant and not at all decided. I just scrawled out a sword. Then I gave him angry eyebrows so you could tell he was gonna stab you. And I attempted a mask a couple times and decided against it.

September 01, 2009

Bloody Red

I tried to be styling-cool. My only real problem with it is that his eyes look sad to me.As usual I had a vague idea and tried to see how it would do. I feel this one came out pretty good. A bit uncleasr but I'm sure yo can see the chicken if you even slightly expect it, which on this site you should.