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Chicken Maker
September 05, 2009


I recently, Wednesday actually, attended a meeting of my college's fencing club. It was a lot of fun, though I came to the conclusion that whoever made the rules is an asshole. I'm just saying, when I get stabbed in the groin and the other guy gets the point. I didn't even think to wear a cup...

Anyways now that you know why I drew a fencing chicken it's time to talk about the picture itself. Firstly I drew a chicken. Then I drew his fencing vest on, including the dangly bit of strap that comes up. Then I drew a sword. I guess it's a foil with a French grip.  Completely irrelevant and not at all decided. I just scrawled out a sword. Then I gave him angry eyebrows so you could tell he was gonna stab you. And I attempted a mask a couple times and decided against it.

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