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Chicken Maker
September 23, 2009

CM Paint

Okay, I'm doubling it up again today, and not just because the last one kinda sucks. I got hit by an inspiration. I was on another blog that had nothing to do with this one. (Well, almost nothing. They, by which I mean one girl, challenged me before. I, unfortunately, lost.) Anyways, this fellow from the UK asked her for an MS Paint drawing of MS Paint and I says, well what I said to myself while slamming my first on my table was, "I'll show you. Mine'll be twice as painty and have way more chickens!" Mind I never expect that person to find this blog so I'm not really sure how I expect to show him. Maybe I should find some way to bother him.

Also in case you aren't any good at this sort of thing CM stands for Chicken Maker and has two letters, just like MS.

1 comment:

  1. Are you talking about Carlston?

    And DID you lose? I think you should go back and re-tally the votes, Kaloo. You got quite a few late-comer votes. One guy even wrote a post-length comment breaking down the finer points of each contestant and kung fu chicken came out on top.

    That is, unless you are talking about some other girl who challenged ou to an MS-Paint-off. Are you challenging other girls, Kaloo?

    If so, I will MS Paint you a new a**hole. Yes, I just used that as a verb and I don't care. I'm rather emotional which is a state that causes me to confuse adjective/noun/trademark combos with verbs.

    This is a long comment. On a very old post. I'm such a loser.