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Chicken Maker
August 27, 2012

Fighting Robots

I leave describing this as an exercise to the reader.
August 25, 2012

Guild Wars 2

So guys, Guild Wars 2 is now out so I'm gonna be more distracted than usual for a while.
This is a comparison shot between a chicken in Guild Wars 2 and a chicken I drew in an attempt to make a mirror of it. Now I wasn't really sure what I was doing because in my half mimicking it and half doing whatever I wanted I ended up with something that isn't really what I want, but that's fine. I mean it's not a terrible looking chicken. Has a better looking health bar at any rate.

You may recall that I previously played the original Guild Wars and drew a Moa Bird. They redesigned those so I may be posting a revision of that as well. I just noticed a chicken and this was my first response.
August 21, 2012

Climb by Collision

In Super Smash Brothers brawl two players using sonic could both homing attack. They would hit each other, get knocked back, and if they did it again they would collide again, and the same would happen. And doing this they could keep colliding and climbing until they went too high and they both lost a life. Anyways I just conceptually liked the idea so here it is.


Slam down some more chickens. We've been wasting time so there's no other choice but to go all out. Here and now. Or maybe in the morning. It's getting rather late.

Book Distraction

Usually when I take a break of any notable length it's because I got distracted by something on the internet, or started playing some video game. From time to time my body just feels it needs a day or two of resting and I don't do anything at all.

This time I was reading a book. Barely touched my computer. I might have posted something based on the book but it's a rather obscure fantasy novel so I'm not sure. If I have an interesting idea for a picture I probably will.

Also this one is using a desk so you know he hasn't skewered the book with his beak.
August 15, 2012


I felt inspiration and with it came this inspired drawing. Nothing particularly impressive about it I suppose. I haven't done anything to make this piece particularly stand out. It's just a rather nice, if standard, chicken.
August 12, 2012

Strange Form

This is neither what chickens look like nor the way in which I normally stylize them. Why, if it weren't on this site I'd have no idea what it was at all.
August 10, 2012

Site For Lames

To start with, no this is not a site for lames, but this is a picture of a chicken looking at this site on his very old computer and calling it so lame. The main point here is that I want you guys to talk at me and this seems to require me to prod you on occasion.

Now, for something unrelated, but more site relevant. I don't know why I always draw wattles on chickens. They do not always have them and it would be a simple way to diverisify the site to a greater extent. On a closely related note I draw them wrong almost all of the time. I mean really the wattle is two distinct protrusions of flesh, but here it has become something like a solid chunk of flesh under the beak. I mean most of what I draw is inaccurate so that's not really an issue. It's how I stylistically render these things. I just thought I'd mention it.

Pixel This

I was talking about Pixel art and that made me want to take a moment and do some. So I did. This is it. I am a bit unhappy with the left leg. That's the one on the right if you're unsure

Glow Like The Sun

There was one rooster with a gift. He glowed brightly in the world. He shined like the sun. This was in no way a metaphor and it was quite terrifying.

This month has been a bit slow so far due, in main part, to me being distracted by other things. Like video games, and my secret project that is in no way a secret since I told you all about it. Anyways I'll be getting back into the swing of things.
August 06, 2012

Zig Everything

Zig zags and scribbles are generally my way of mixing it up. While this may look like something I tossed together in a moment it in fact took notably longer than it usually does. That's probably a matter of lack of practice at it, but regardless this is the picture.
August 03, 2012


This piece is called "Drawing" because it is one.