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Chicken Maker
March 31, 2014

Let's Start

Looking up at the sky the innocent chicken decides this site needs to get going again. I suppose I agree with him.
March 26, 2014


I apologize for the unannounced break. It's been nearly 10 days since the last post so I felt like I should correct that. This will be the only post until Sunday, so hang tight until then folks
I've been working on a game (I'm always working on a few of those but this one I've been focusing on for one reason or another) and I ended up doing pixel art for the whole thing, so while I'm doing pixel art I figured I had to do some for this site too. This is a bronze statue of a chicken. I had one of a person so it goes without saying that I had to make one that's a chicken too.
March 17, 2014

5 Years of Chicken Maker

With this post I celebrate this site's 5 year anniversary. That's like 35 in internet years. (They're about the same as dog years.)

Anyways this has been a fairly eventful year for this site. I mean I made that RPG, and that card game. There's also the T-Shirts, though no one's ever bought one. I only made them available at all on request. Oh, and I had a great April Fools saying I was done with this site.

Now, as is tradition, I will be posting Green versions of some of my favorites, since it's also St. Patrick's Day.

This is a fine Dragon
Martial Arts Master Green

This Terry is definitely an alien

March 15, 2014

Toaster Strudel

This is a toaster strudel. I drew a chicken on it with an icing packet. The ads always recommended drawing things on them or writing words but the icing isn't distributed well at all when you do so it really isn't the best idea.
March 14, 2014

Pi Day

I've been slacking a bit on this site that I generally use my free time to run. That's so good, but I can't not come back on Pi Day. That's March 14th, which is 3-14. 3-14 is analogous to 3.14, which is a general estimate for Pi. That's why I have included 3.14 chickens.
March 11, 2014

Scarf Glasses

I want to start doing more videos. Maybe I'll even actually talk over them. I actually recording this being drawn. At least I meant to but I apparently used my webcam instead so I just have a nice 5 minute video of me looking vaguely at the screen. Next time I'll have a video.

Skateboard Kid

Some skateboard kids called me "Old Guy" today. It bothered me because I'm just a 20-something. But that's not important because it inspired me to draw this guy.
EDIT: This guy's name is now Tony Bawk.
March 07, 2014

Precious Metals

This really should have been in yesterday's post, but you get it now instead.
March 06, 2014

Money Cards

Hey folks. This is the newest product out from Chicken Maker. It's a simple accessory, being a set of cards marked with 1, 5 and 25 to allow score tracking and resource management in games. I actually went to buy something like this and couldn't find it so I figure I may as well be the one selling it.

I haven't got any silly fun content to go with this. I'll get some out quite soon.
March 05, 2014

Fun Color

I wanted to have fun so I colored this like this.
March 03, 2014

Chicken Draw is Out

Chicken Draw is now available on DriveThruCards. You can purchase the digital files for the grandiose price of $0, or decide to splurge and order a physical copy for $5. This is my first experience with their card printing. It's pretty good.