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Chicken Maker
June 29, 2011

Go Army

Okay guys. I got challenged on the FaceBook, and I decided I may as well just throw down right then and there.

So here we go. This chicken is a member of the US Armed Services. Specifically he's in the Army. He was almost a Green Beret, but I changed my mind about that at the last minute. Digital Camouflage is weird and hard to draw.

I've been messing with a generic and not at all brand name Rubik's Cube. I do not know how to solve these. I'm just gonna be straight with you on that matter. I think I'm getting closer
June 28, 2011


This site now has a facebook page. This is important for the full access and availability of the website. While the main focus of the ChickenMaker franchise will continue to be this Blogger site( because that's the main part of the site.

But I want the facebook chunk of the internet types to get to see my work as well.

Link to Facebook Page
I'm still working on uploading the backlog of images.

On a related note we also have a twitter. And that might actually get used for something from time to time.
June 27, 2011

Looking Fowl: The Eye of Recovery

I haven't touched any of my projects since the 15th of May, and that doesn't seem right, so let me fix that.
There was a chicken with a Looking Eye, the Eye of Recovery. In his eye you would see the path toward your recovery. No matter what ailed you looking at the eye would give you a sure way to save yourself, though you may not like what it asked of you.

The only doctor in the town kept him in a small pen. He wasn't alone. In fact he was quite well treated. But more importantly noone in town ever saw the chicken except for the doctor.

A frail man with a shattered rib entered the doctor's office. The doctor dismissed him to bed rest and said he would do some tests. As the frail man left the doctor cracked his own rib. He was constantly injured, but he always recovered so people had ceased to question it.

He stumbled  back to the stall and grabbed the chicken by the neck, staring into it's eyes. And with that the doctor saw how to repair his own rib. With concentration and care he fixed his own rib, and recovered enough in short order before calling the frail man back.

The doctor recreated the procedure he had preformed on himself for the first time less than a day ago. If the patient died noone would question it. After all even a doctor couldn't always save you. They would know he tried his best.
June 26, 2011


I didn't wanna draw so I skipped most of the steps and ended up with this. I hope you're satisfied with that. Cause all you're getting is some colored OUTLINES!
Uh... I mean this conceptual derivative of the form delivers a unique reverb of artistic feeling.

Now praise me for the intellectual depths!
June 21, 2011

Not So Fake Superhero

A full grown chicken, 
Who still plays like a child.
Green tied round his neck
He has no great powers.
But he shows everyone 
What it means to be a hero.
June 18, 2011

Political announcement

The political campaign was at a high. So many interviews and announcements. The chicken had done something unreasonable. Everyone knew it, but she denied it through her teeth. People brought up the pictures on clucker but she avoided that topic all together.

Also Ella, I do sometimes use models, and for this one I used one of yours.

Chicken Maker: Captured by the forces of Evil

I have been captured by the forces of evil and have had my mouth taped shut. That is the only logical explanation for why none of me have typed a message to you recently. Don't worry though... YOU WILL SAVE ME! I mean I'm obviously in danger and you're mostly just a guy who looks at doodles online. Obviously you should come in guns blazing... Though you don't know where I or the forces of evil live... And you certainly don't think a gun is needed to beat tape...
June 12, 2011

Talk to Me!

Hmm... Nobody talks to me lately. It makes me feel lonely. Even my email hasn't been getting as much spam of late. Maybe one or two in Chinese, but not even a "I love you. Email me back and I'll send pics :)" or a "I am an African Prince and require you help to move my vast fortunes" I thought you guys hated me. But then I realized...

You have all been captured by the forces of evil and have had your mouths taped shut. That is the only logical explanation for why none of you have typed a message to me recently. Don't worry though... I WILL SAVE YOU! I mean you're obviously in danger and I'm mostly just a guy who doodles online. Obviously I should come in guns blazing... Though I don't know where you or the forces of evil live... And I don't think a gun is needed to beat tape...
June 10, 2011

8 in 1 Hour: Bowties are Cool

This chicken wears a Bowtie. Bowties are cool. He's suave and debonair.

I WIN! Though I admit this last one didn't have a very long description. I cut it pretty close. Had to circle back to edit in the tags for this one... and this bit about me winning as well. On a related note I've edited the page layout to display 10 so that this whole series can be seen on one page.

8 in 1 Hour: A Deep Holler

I decided to hit up some gritty sharpness for this picture. I haven't used it lately and I do tend to think of it as my signature style. I figured I should make one. Also I like the idea of a chicken making a speech, so that's what this is. You understand that much right. Well, it's not very hard to understand. It's not all that deep. This is just a thrilling and dramatic speech delivered by a brave and tough as nails chicken.

8 in 1 Hour: DOUBLE GRAYS!

I like this sort of split image. I used them fairly often in my Dual Chicken series. That was quite a fun series to make actually. Didn't really mean anything. Very cinematic. Anyways. This is useful to project a duality. I don't actually have one to go with this picture, mind you.

(Seriously. Why did I pick the time when Google was gonna be so screwed up)

8 in 1 Hour: Yay! A Blanket Ghost

Yay, a blanket ghost! Obviously the effect didn't work as well as the chicken had hoped. Probably something to do with the fact that he chose a blue sheet rather than a white one. At least he had the common courtesy to cut himself some eye holes ruining the sheet for any more sensible purpose.Also observe his slightly dinosaur-like form through the blanket. Obviously without it he'd look normal but the loose spots aren't so detailed.

8 in 1 Hour: A BURNING NURSE!


It's not a Red Cross because the Red Cross doesn't like people using a Red Cross. So this is an orange cross instead.

8 in 1 Hour: Tiny Pixel

This is a teeny tiny pixel art guy. I don't know why I decided to do pixel art during this. It's tiny and lacks impact and takes longer to do. But I like it. Hell, I might do more!

8 in 1 Hour: Art Deco Eyes

This picture isn't actually Art Deco at all. I'm not sure why I called it that. I just looked at ti and that was what I thought so that was what I called it. I really like the over-sized eyes that don't totally fit on the face. It gives an interesting effect, especially combined with the black background. The elements just blend together with a nervous energy.
(Of course NOW google decided to randomly have downtime...)

8 in 1 Hour: Gunless Gunslinger

A gunslinger in the old west. He needs no gun to handle what is coming at him here and now. It wasn't like a gun would help here anyways. No, he could never shoot what was coming at him. He would never get away with it, and he didn't want to.

The gunslinger prepared for his greatest challenge. He was getting ready... for a family.

8 in 1 Hour: START!!

Well, you've asked what that poll was for. And I admit I held off for a while, but not it's time. 8 Chickens. 1 Hour. Each will have a nice rambling with it as well. The clock starts when I post this. I haven't decided if this will be 8 posts or 1 SUPER POST! Probably the 8 or maybe... I dunno. Wish me luck!
June 09, 2011

Not Very Pretty Princess

Well, I tried and failed to make a pretty princess, but I felt like I had to share something with you. I mean I still managed to make a princess. I just failed to make her pretty. More of a handsome princess. You know the one they don't really want but who is still totally a princess. Or maybe a more matronly queen...
June 07, 2011


Here we have a white chicken in a snowstorm. Easy as pie. I decided not to have outlines in order to let the chicken better blend in with the snowstorm. Not sure where to continue the rambling so I'm just gonna leave it off there.

Challenge Complete!!

Silkie Showgirl

This is a Silkie Showgirl. They're cute. It's hard to believe that it's a kind of chicken, but it is. I may be forced to use silkies more often. They're cute and look different. You know, I can toss them in crowd shots and the like to give the group some more character.

June 05, 2011


BEACHMAN!!! A Man on a Beach!
Thank you for visiting this site for so long my friends. I think it may be time to hang up my hat, with this site doing good. And that is why this chicken is without a hat. The next chicken will have a hat of the highest caliber! Because this hat can't stay off for long. He's a hat wearing fool!

Wait, what? Anyways. This site is still about chicken drawings and is still going strong. I'm not leaving.
June 03, 2011

Chicken Sandwich Club

Ok Chiken Maker, heres the deal. I very much doubt that you could draw a chicken in a sandwich bar being asked to show his membershio card to the Chicken Club in order to buy a Chicken Club sandwich. If you can then I will admit that you are higher than me in the pecking order. (eMail) 

It's been a while since I actually did a challenge so I decided to take down one of the lengthier ones. I feel no need to explain anything.



Everyone. I think you should congratulate Robert who won the giveaway because I rolled a dice and he won.

But enough about him. This site is about drawing chickens... and right now Dice. Dice that are chickens!
Okay. I even have a game set up for this.
Chicken Rolls
Suitable for players age 4+ due to the choking hazard of the dice. For 2-6 players
Required: 1 six-sided die, or 1 Special-Made ChickenMaker™ Chicken Rolls Die. A sheet of paper and pen or pencil.
Use the following chart to assign each chicken part to a corresponding die face
1: Egg
2: Eye
3: Beak
4: Wattle
5: Comb
6: Foot

Starting the Game: Before beginning play each player should roll the die. The player with the highest roll will go first. (Consult the chart above if using an official ChickenMaker™ Chicken Rolls Die)

Playing the Game: Players take turns rolling the die counterclockwise from the player who started. Record what is rolled unless it is an egg, in which case the player receives nothing for that turn.

Winning the Game: To win the game the player must have 2 Eyes, 1 Wattle, 2 Feet, 1 Beak and 1 Comb then roll an egg.

More Dice: Using multiple dice for each roll can make the game run faster, but removes much of the tension from play.
Egg Wins: If you roll an egg at any point you win. You can also win my assembling 1 Eye, 1 Wattle, 1 Foot, 1 Beak, and 1 Comb.
Less Parts: Under this variant rule the wattle and comb are replaced by a second eye and foot, respectively. They are also removed from the win conditions.
And I'm gonna straight up make this die. I'm pretty sure I can get a blank d6 at the local comic shop. That will also be posted on this site of course. Probably won't be colored though.