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Chicken Maker
June 27, 2011

Looking Fowl: The Eye of Recovery

I haven't touched any of my projects since the 15th of May, and that doesn't seem right, so let me fix that.
There was a chicken with a Looking Eye, the Eye of Recovery. In his eye you would see the path toward your recovery. No matter what ailed you looking at the eye would give you a sure way to save yourself, though you may not like what it asked of you.

The only doctor in the town kept him in a small pen. He wasn't alone. In fact he was quite well treated. But more importantly noone in town ever saw the chicken except for the doctor.

A frail man with a shattered rib entered the doctor's office. The doctor dismissed him to bed rest and said he would do some tests. As the frail man left the doctor cracked his own rib. He was constantly injured, but he always recovered so people had ceased to question it.

He stumbled  back to the stall and grabbed the chicken by the neck, staring into it's eyes. And with that the doctor saw how to repair his own rib. With concentration and care he fixed his own rib, and recovered enough in short order before calling the frail man back.

The doctor recreated the procedure he had preformed on himself for the first time less than a day ago. If the patient died noone would question it. After all even a doctor couldn't always save you. They would know he tried his best.


  1. Woo hoo for picking up a project again! I'll admit that I can't focus enough to read the text...oops, but I love the chicken :-)

  2. you are a GENIUS!!
    tho to be fair, I liked the story much better than the chicken.