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Chicken Maker
October 31, 2018


Yeah, I realized midway through making my chicken ghost... This is also blue.


Let us not forget the tale of America's, nay, the world's greatest side show chicken. Miraculous Mike lived 18 months without a head before choking on a bit of mucus.

That's not really a horror story, but what else am I expected to discuss with this. Normal zombies can be killed by removing the head or destroying the brain.


Whether it was a mad killer or a real incarnation of death the bird felt the reaper's scythe against its neck.

Blue Pumpkin

And with this we will conclude the Blue Period and start Halloween. I planned to end it sooner, but I was quite enjoying it. Not enough to do a monochrome holiday though.
October 30, 2018

Fallen Blue

Even though he was gone he would never be forgotten. Truly a hero for the ages, and a fine stew to boot.
October 28, 2018

Tough Blue

A scarred traveler looks back at his companions. Soon he, like the rest, would get go his own way and they would never see each other again.
October 27, 2018

Blind Blue

A blind master of bird martial arts. Despite being unable to see or fly this is the bravest of birds.
October 24, 2018

Blue Splash

For this piece I have chosen to avoid standard width and full outlines to give the piece a more flowing look. The splash of bright blue in the background contrasts with the duller blue that makes up the foreground of the piece.
October 21, 2018

Sleeping with the Fishes

They said he 'd be sleeping with the fishes. Strangely enough he seemed to pull that off.
October 17, 2018

Weather the Storm

The gruff fowl was exhausted. The storm had stopped for the moment but the sky was still dark and the winds still howled. There was nothing to do but endure.
October 16, 2018

Blue Once More

It has been a couple years so we will now be starting a new Blue Period. During the however long everything posted here will be blue. Please enjoy. If you prefer another color please stick around. This will definitely be over by Halloween
October 11, 2018

Pico Bird

Small bird is made in pico8 palette. Just still playing with that.


Who is the bird with the yellow hat? A criminal mastermind? An Alien? A detective? A psychic? An undercover chief of police? Terrifyingly all of these things? Anything is possible. Probably someone's bullied pet.
October 10, 2018

Brave Warrior

Brave Warrior, you begin your adventure with enough money to buy either a sword or a piece of armor. You recall that as a chicken you have no hands and purchase the armor. How would you even use a sword?
October 07, 2018

Chicken Maze

I made a game with pico-8. You can play it here: Lexaloffle

It was an entertaining experience since I haven't made a game since the rather shoddy Frogger knockoff I posted on newgrounds years ago.
October 05, 2018


Long ago this bird lives a short and violent life. In the end he was eaten by a humble saber-tooth tiger.
October 01, 2018


Hey everybody. I'm going to participate in Inktober this year. I will be posting daily on Twitter and I'll post the whole thing on the main site on Halloween.