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Chicken Maker
December 31, 2011

Happy 2012 Friends

This not particularly enthusiastic chicken is here to wish you a Happy New Year. I resolve, here and now, with regards to this site, that I will post more next year than I did this year. I mean I barely managed 200 posts this year.

Decided this would be better as the last post of 2011 then the first post of 2012. Even used the fancy scheduling functions to set it to post in the final minute. But, given my intent I'll probably post somethign tomorrow too.


I'm sorry. This issue took nearly nine months to come out.  The next, and final, issue will be posted in a more timely manner. Enjoy the battle between the Rookie and the King.

House Puzzle

Four chickens lived in four houses on a street.

RON has only one next door neighbor
CON is right of JON, but not next door
DON is right of RON

Felt like making a puzzle. Not a particularly hard one I'll admit. Highlight below for answer.
December 27, 2011


This is the number 9. Because transparency is fun. He's just handing out and relaxing in the round part of the 9. And yeah... I decided against the upside-down 6 style 9. I like the distinct parts.
December 25, 2011

XMAS 2011

Sorry. It's a tad overlarge. Click for the full sized one.
I nearly missed Christmas all together.

Santa Chicken hovers beside the Christmas tree covered in chicken ornaments. Just a whole mess of generic scribbled together chickens for the fun of it. Even features ole' Politichicken. The Red White and Blue Bird of Patriotism, cause drawing realistic colors all the time is boring.
December 23, 2011


a super depressed chicken contemplating suicide

Suicide by fast food chicken restaurant.
December 22, 2011

These Potential Chickens Died On Your Farmer's Face Last night by MercuryCrest

Sorry, couldn't resist the tagline.
I haven't used MS Paint in 15 years, but this blog has inspired me.
The attached is my version of "SuperChicken"...mainly because I eat them constantly....

Yes. eggs are indeed potential chickens. interesting use of colors, though it is rather inconsistent. I mean brown is the outline of the white, but black is the outline of the yellow. Of course you saved it in Bitmap which is lossless(which is good) but bad for the internet(which is why I resaved it in PNG) Also this picture was pointlessly large in resolution and surrounded by more white space than I like to see.

No real problems with it, though I don't care for large single pixel outlines.

New Projects Header

I decided the Project Page needed some freshening up, and you know, a fair number of updates.  And, well, as first I was just gonna update it or maybe reformat it a bit, but I decided to give it a new page image. Also, I think I'm redesigning the site to breath some new life into it. Don't worry. I won't pull anything too crazy. It'll still be basically the same... But who knows. I might just be going wild with it.

As for the fact that I straight pasted Shades in... Shades is still a great piece and I never redraw him anywhere else. That's practically the point of Shades McCoolguy


The monochromatic dichotomy of this image gives distinct borders to the image, while the shared understated background helps to lend a sense of mystique to the form in the foreground.

Looking Fowl: Eye of Weakness

There was a chicken with a Looking Eye, the Eye of Weakness. Once ones eyes met them they could never look away and all strength in their body would simply drain away. They were at the mercy of the fowl or any passer-by who might avert the bird's eyes.

A guard passing through the woods can find many things, as this one did today. A hen was roosting int he middle of the path. Normally he'd pay it no mind. Step around it or kick it aside, but today the man lowered himself down to move the bird out of the way. He was truly a generous sort on this occasion.

Unfortunately for him this bird was not sitting there randomly. The guard had fallen into a thief's foul trap. As he grasped the bird it's eyes opened and the guard collapsed, his eyes locked on the bird. Mere moments later a man took the bird from his feeble grip. Soon this man would have all of the guards things, and the guard would draw his last breath.

But, a small mercy saved the guard. The bird turned it's head and met the eyes of the thief. As the hen looked away from the guard his strength flooded back, and the thief quickly collapsed. The guard's boot brought an early end to the thief's career, crushing his hand. Uncertainly he lifted the bird under one arm, and took the thief in the other.

On that day the bird was a hero who had helped with catching the thief.
December 21, 2011

Forever Yours

I bought most of the versions of Alex Day's Forever Yours(currently #4 in the UK charts) And for that I got the badge here. And since I got that I figured I'd better do a chicken version of it as an excuse to post it up on here. Understood? Over and Out
December 18, 2011

Chi Ken

The energy of the sword swells up where the blade was planted into the ground, forcing away any unworthy soul who would dare to grasp it. The blade never left its owners hand until the man grew too old to fight, even with his mighty blade. But someday one would dare to grasp it, and if he was worthy he would draw the blade out from the earth it laid in and create a new legend.

And check out that Gratuitous Japanese title. I mean. The bad pun was the whole point really. Cause you know Chi is like inner energy or whatever. And Ken is Japanese for Sword. And together it looks like Chicken. Anyways that's not really an at all correct way to write that. I mean even doing just word for word that's backwards cause I wanted to say the sword energy, not the energy sword. Anyways. This is just a bad pun and you like those.
December 17, 2011

chicken with flying nun hat.

A nun habit with wings on it is almost definitely what the challenger was asking for when they requested this image. I am absolutely 100% certain that they meant this and not a chicken wearing a white cornette. You all agree, right?


Chicken Little

Pretty sure that's the plot of Chicken Little

Shaded Shades

This is a black and white image created to give an impression of a chicken wearing sunglasses. This sort of semi-silhouette lets this piece stand out in the site. Has nothing to do with the other shades.

Ghost Shooter 2

It's a thrilling image of ghost shooter and his dog(sic) surrounded by all manner of spirits.

Ghost Shooter and Dog(sic)

I'm sorry. I haven't posted anything in more than a week. But I'm not dead... Unlike the ghosts in today's series of posts.

The ghost shooter and his trusty dog(sic) shoot ghosts.

It's exactly what it sounds like, except the dog is a chicken. I'll be posting some more for it today.
December 06, 2011

Fake Cran

Cray-on. I dunno about you, but when I was a kid I always just said "crans." So anyways I scribbled something up with the current Paint's fake crayon tool thing. Reversed some letters to make it look like a kid did it.
December 04, 2011

Over Bright

This chicken remains bright despite he dark world it lives in. He's got a nice slick look.

I think the pair of these two works pretty well.
December 03, 2011

Over Dark

This chicken is unnecessarily dark in the bright and cheerful world he lives in. He also has some way cool eyebrows.