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Chicken Maker
August 29, 2019

Fat Bird

This bird is fat and has a big face. It certainly isn't an issue of tiny feet. It's the rest of the bird that is the problem.

Also there's a hat. That's good for aesthetics.
August 27, 2019


This appearance accurately reflects roller skating at your local skate place during elementary school. In a lot of ways it's like your local cosmic bowling alley, only with more small children and it probably doesn't serve alcohol.
August 21, 2019

August 2019 Wallpaper - Wizard

The wizard and thief crossed the dire cliffs, preparing to face off against the darkness that lay beyond.

As a reminder I guarantee a new wallpaper every month once we reach the $5 level on Patreon, which we now have. You can download this wallpaper at full size here.
August 18, 2019


The adorable bird makes a fluttering jump onto the stump. The chicken will keep striving to be a better jumper.
August 17, 2019

Face To Face

When somebody gets in your face... Maybe they're just awkward and want to be friends. Or maybe they're a dreadful fiend who wants to tear out your throat. No real way to know so keep up your guard and maybe invite them to lunch.
August 14, 2019


Swimming trunks do not go on birds. This is quite trivial and you should already know it. So bird... Take them off.
August 11, 2019


A cheerful and excited witch, except more apathetic than cheerful.
August 06, 2019

Eye Laser

I thought the gap between this one and the last one seemed too long. Obviously that's because I made but forgot to actually post this one.

To clarify it isn't really a laser or even an energy blast. This is PsYcHiC PoWeRs!

Which Reminds me I had a concept for PsyChic the Psychic Chicken. I think it was greek letters Phi and Chi as the logo. It was going to be a little puzzle game or something. I don't think I got past that bit. Maybe I'll circle back around.

Song Bird?

Chickens do make a variety of noises, but they aren't generally considered songbirds. This one is trying, though it isn't really working.