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Chicken Maker
August 29, 2018


The Captain's ship hadn't made much progress since the mutiny. A crashing sound rang out as one of the mutineers collapsed. The chest had come from the bottom of the sea and struck the back of the traitor's head.


Purple is of course the most mysterious of colors. Except perhaps the deepest black, but that of course lacks depth in a picture. Grays are more vague and less mysterious. 

This one, the boldest and most adventurous of birds, stands atop a floating block, not entirely certain how they arrived.
August 23, 2018

New Job Again

I just started a new job today. Should be fun. In spite of this picture I don't actually wear a tie, or even a button up shirt. Shouldn't impact this site too much.
August 19, 2018

The Treasure

The Captain had gotten to the bottom. This was hope and The Captain's greed wouldn't let the treasure be left at the bottom of the sea. Coins were spilled across the ground. Gathering the treasure back into the chest The Captain's vision slowly blurred.
August 17, 2018

Fan Submission

A guy I know (coworker) asked if I accepted art. The answer is of course I do  Send me fan work through Twitter, Facebook, tumblr or email. Or whatever else I have. Now let's talk about what's wrong with this

First and foremost it was made with one of the fancier brushes in the modern MS Paint (Though I think this version is also defunct now in favor of Paint 3D), grease pen I believe, so it lacks precision. The chicken's feathers have a texture, which is nice  but it's entirely the wrong texture. It's better to just leave it flat.

This piece is rather large, but didn't add much with all the extra canvas. The shading on the comb and waddle is nice, but the background is visible through, as the dark part wasn't drawn over the edge, but around the main portion.

Overall, a decent chicken and a solid first attempt. The fill on the body isn't complete, with the background visible through the colors. Most importantly it was not saved as a jpeg. This is the most important thing as it is the biggest problem I've seen with what people have sent me in the past.
August 15, 2018

Ancient Evil

I couldn't think of a good Ancient Evil look after I titled this so we're going with a pyramid.
August 09, 2018

Thumbs Up Method

Much like the Hand Turkey the Thumbs Up Chicken is a flawless pinnacle of art. This site has been going too long. Needs more sequels in my opinion.

Blue Kung Fu

Some random chicken person in a gi and headband is a core part of 80s American culture.

So, here's a nice blue one.
August 04, 2018

wobble bird

This is how bird feet look. Ask any expert who agrees. I'd suggest contacting me for confirmation, but I might disagree.
August 02, 2018

Looking Back

Looking back... What is this strange website I made? Well, I'm committed now at any rate.
August 01, 2018


I can't type with a bad Australian accent, but throw some shrimp on the barbie for me.