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Chicken Maker
September 29, 2016


So many things happen each and every day. New things are born. Old things fade away. Struggles and challenges are faced by countless things. Most of these will never enter your site.

This is my excuse for not posting anything lately. Are you buying it?
September 23, 2016

HD Backgound September 2016: Let's All Chicken Maker .Net

Everyone! Let's all Chicken Maker!

In this month's piece I have opted to utilize the generally underused Layer Style of chicken. A style that was meant to imitate a comic that had a style entirely unlike this one. Regardless there are a few of complex patterns that are completely unnoticeable since there is so little of that layer left in the image, mostly the spiraling star pattern that formed the green on the Let's All Chicken Maker text. I originally had that extent to the eye, but it ended up being solid so I did a different one there.

You can download this, and many other wallpapers, from this post on my Patreon.
September 19, 2016

Pirate Day

Y'arg mateys. 'Tis International Speakin' like a Privateer Day. So, a'cors ya gets a pirating sea fowl.

For those not fluent in um... terrible accents.
Hello friends. It's international talk like a pirate day so of course you get a pirate chicken.

September 15, 2016

Change in Perspective

I hate drawing the bird feet.
September 12, 2016

SciFuture Soldier

The year 23X9 The horrors of space war are just as bad as the horrors of not space war.
September 11, 2016

Neo Chicken - Prologue

Neo Chicken... A Dual Chicken Spin Off? I hope you enjoy this, the prologue of his story. I considered making a different one to start off this series, since this bit doesn't contain a very Exciting Part, but this seems like a better choice.

Exciting Part

HD Backgound July (lol) 2016: Lover's Leap

So, this is the promised July background. A lovely and romantic piece. You may notice that this is vertical. That's because it's vaguely intended to be a cellphone background. At least that's what I'm using it for.

You can download this, and many other wallpapers, from this post on my Patreon.

Stealth Shark

After being air dropped on a jungle island Stealth Ace had to quickly put his stealth skills to use. His existing box being damaged in the landing he quickly used his papier mache skills and prepared a stealthful pineapple. In order to return to civilization he quickly strapped it to a shark and went into the sea.

I thought it was time for this to... jump the shark. Next Stealth Ace will be back to normal... Er, I am apparently of the opinion that there will be more Stealth Ace at some point in the future

So Called Scholar

Greetings my compatriots. I must apologize for the lack of activity. I have been buy with some IRL matters, but that's hardly an excuse for more than a weeks activity. Anyways I have several things to post to make up for it. Let's begin with this so called scholar. These books are clearly blank!