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Chicken Maker
January 31, 2010

Inspire Believe

Today's is an inspiration. It's a piece about believing. This chicken believes that he can fly and he won't hear a word that opposes that. As he goes through the clear blue he makes his decree. "Believe." After all if you don't believe in something then your whole world will be something that isn't worth bothering with. A dull life where you just have what is without believing in anything you'll just live in a dull existence. It doesn't matter what. Believe in god. Believe in heroes. Believe in a better tomorrow. Believe in fairy tales. Believe I met my 30 post this month goal. Believe in this flying chicken. It makes no difference as long as you believe.
January 30, 2010

Windows Whiner

I recently took a look at a picture that the author claimed was made in paint. I stared at it for a moment then declared the creator a traitor and a liar.(sorry Allie.) I then considered that I could be wrong and stupid. It was simply that the Windows 7 version changed some stuff up and had new features. I'm going to be straight with you... I am very angry that Microsoft keeps messing up their simple software. I tried to have some brand loyalty going on but No. I quite liked Internet Explorer until it got tabs and now they're making Paint into just another graphic program instead of THE simple one. I mean really. Is that sort of thing necessary at all. I mean maybe my personal preference is the stupid one(I mean I'm willing to admit that it has some things that I like in it, like defaulting to PNG when you save) but I liked having my basic program. Oh well. I wonder if the copy of paint I keep on my pen drive will run whenever I have to get Windows 7. I don't care for that either you know. I mean they brag about things that aren't good. Well, I did piss with a friends until it looked like my favorite windows so at least the aesthetic won't be too horrible. I liked 98, you see. It didn't try to mess with me. I'm using Vista now, which reminds me this one removed the old palette on the bottom so I guess I should have seen this coming. And now I realized I've been rambling about Windows Versions and the such when I don't even have a chicken to go with it. Maybe I should have done this to coincide with TRON Chicken. Well, I'll just put together a nice windows chicken.

January 28, 2010


Sometimes it seems that someone tried to do too much at once and in the end came out with something that sort of made sense. This piece, Overwhelmed, is a good example of that. There are several distinct elements. Starting from the most obvious it includes, the double outlines, the sprayed in coloration lined up with one of them, a distinct background(green), and the question mark that is shifted slightly to the side. It just feels like there's too much going on.

Also I have no idea when I made this... It looks like one of mine though so...
January 27, 2010

TRON Chicken

Well, while I made this I realized two things. first off... I haven't seen TRON since I was like 6. I wanna see it again now but if I did it would probably ruin my nostalgia so I'm not sure if I should or not. Now, this wouldn't normally matter much but I did the lines on black before I did a Google search and by that point I was like, "eh..." That's what it's like in the sequel(that's supposed to be coming out at the end of 2010) anyways. I had to go with Magenta since Blue's the hero, Red's evil, Green was in Tron 2.0(the game) and Magenta seems like the next neon color, though that might have been better as yellow instead. My light cycle was more or less a custom job. It's kinda a cross between the original and new versions, since I wanted that laser windshield. Took me a few tries to get his glowing lines right but I like the end result. Oh, right. The second thing I realized is that there's a new Tron coming out at the end of the year.

So, dude looks ready to take on the evil red computer, yeah?

Jolt Punch!

This is the inexplicably named "Jolt Punch!" I honestly have no idea where the name came from in relation to the piece. Anyways I did him all angled-like because it seemed like it was time to do that. I more or less work in a cycle after all. I mean I do something irregular, like this. Then I do a bunch with stylish themes(Tron Chicken is next, by the way) then I fall into a series of plain chickens until I do something stylized like this again. I mean, at least that seems to be what's happening. I don't have it planned out to be like that or anything.
January 24, 2010

Dull to Illusion

Most people spend their lives behind in an illusion that they are interesting by hiding their dull existences behind the few interesting things they find. This chicken, which is given a dull coloration to denote the nature of its life, is just hiding behind the bright orange glasses that distort the reality and give an illusion of something interesting. Hiding behind the illusion the figure is blissfully unaware of the reality it is hiding from. The chicken gives an impression that it will probably never find anything real in life. While disillusioning himself he will never notice his real unique points, like his wide waddle, that may have le him be something special without any tricks.
January 23, 2010

Nice Things People Have Said

You know over these last months people have said some nice things about this site. I really appreciate all of the kind thoughts and figured I ought to keep some sort of listing of them. I also noticed that I have 10 pages to use for things. I mean if I have pages to use then I might as well use them, though it turned out to be rather awkward since the feature isn't fully implemented yet. Still, I put together my "Nice Things That Have Said" page, which will be linked on my sidebar shortly.

YGGTTOS: A Chicken Maker Game - Promo #2

Here we have my second Promo image for the game I'm making. As you get see I'm showing the title here, "You Gotta Get To The Other Side." The basic idea and driving force behind the game is that you're a chicken and you gotta get to the other side.

 It's of course based on the memorable and ancient childhood riddle. "Why did you Chicken cross the road?" Will this chicken have a reason? Probably. Will it be something clever or exciting? I don't know about clever but it will certainly be at least a bit exciting. It has some smooth stuff going for it so far.

Now, I'll be honest when I first considered it I said to myself, "Someone probably already made a game with that sort of thing." They had but the ones I found were awful. Mine, I said to myself, will be much better, and all the graphics MS Painted to compound the better-ness.
January 22, 2010


Okay, here we have my latest work. I call it corners, because two of the corners are given emphasis. The chicken is black and white to give the piece a relaxed yet formal feel. The corners help show the box he had built around himself. He is just hiding behind layers and walls and corners and doesn't want people to see the real him.
January 21, 2010

Ball Chicken

I have recently considered the possibility that chickens could be better if they were more ball-like. I actually think I already did one of these types of things before but I'm too lazy to actually check and this one is new at any rate so it counts. He's got all the key aspects besides body shape. He's even got feet. You know I'm lazy about foot-have.
January 20, 2010

Comment Response

Well, I figured that I ought to respond to every comment I have received up until this point all at once since I do appreciate the ones I get and I don't have very many up until this point. So, with that said I'll be starting with the comments to my first posts and moving up to the present.
 Oh, and the above chicken is shocked to find that this site gets comments. Due to the rather massive nature of this I'll be using a read more

Secret Project: A Chicken Maker Game - Promo #1

Well, well. I've made some progress on my secret project so I figured it was time to release some promotional type material. That is of course coming in the form of this rather non-indicative picture. However hand in hand with it I reveal a crucial bit of information. It's a game. And to back up that absurd notion I have also provided the current Game Over Screen. Shockingly I've actually already finished the engine for the most part leaving me on the part where I always lose interest when I try to do things, the levels. Wish me luck in my pointless endeavor.

January 19, 2010

New Banner

 This is just the new banner. I figured I ought to post it here along with the other graphics I've made for this new set of decorations. I mean I wouldn't want to just go off and throw out perfectly good chickens come the next time I decide I'm bored of the way the site looks. I mean I posted the last one back whenever I did it so why not.

Now, on to the my nice old fashion over analysis of it. The 'Chicken Maker' on top shows a heavy dissonance from the rather subdued style of the banner. The overlapping "It's about Passion!" statements show that it's about passion, if you understand. It also shows the contrasting natures that Passion can still be used while taking it in a different direction, contrasting the black and white and both of those from the freehand title. The chicken and it's white outline shadow are there mostly to show what the site is about while still keeping in tune with the rather muted purple style The fade-out on the bottom allows it to maintain the flow between it and the rest of the world without creating artificial boundaries

And lastly if you would like to say anything about the current site design please do.

Chicken With a Human Face

I read a rather creepy Article this morning. Now, at first I was like "That looks gross." Then I read the article and said, "These people are stupid." And a few minutes ago I said, "You know a chicken with a human head would be creepy, so here it is.

In completely unrelated things I've decided to redecorate the site so I'll be making some new graphics and what not. And it might look retarded for a bit while I poke at it.

Space Chicken

Well, for this particular piece I used my expansive knowledge of bad scifi movies to determine that the obvious form that a space chicken would take is a chicken... but neon green. You can paint just about anything green and it instantly becomes a SPACE . So, as I was saying. This is a Space Chicken from the planet Chi Kappa San Kappa 7.

Also since I assume most people don't know that looks something like this "χκϻκ,7"  which really ruins the effect since the Chi looks like an X. (it was so close to being ChicKen MaKer) Of course that M is pronounced as S anyways so it doesn't really make any difference.
January 17, 2010

Dual Chicken - Part 4: Finale

Okay, and here we are after one forever I've finally decided to bring the final part of Dual Chicken. Well, it isn't actually the last part. There's going to be a very short epilogue. But I remembered why I didn't like doing these. It had nothing to do with doing them. It's the uploading more than 5 images at a time, which it seems to decide the order of at random forcing me to rearrange them until they actually work right.

Boring Part
AFEM Report: Investigation Division's Detective R. Martin on "Dual Chicken Final Report"
That Chicken's in the Plant. They're planning to run a clean sweep. There's a lot of people in there, not to mention all those monsters. I'm going to try to stop them but... Well, this is my last report. I don't know if I can stop them from triggering the part of these they insist on retracting, but I'm at least going to try to stop the drones. See You.

January 16, 2010

Shades McCoolguy III: Red Salvation

The conclusion of the arbitrarily decided Shades McCoolguy trilogy. I decided it should be a Trilogy when the second one wasn't lambasted. Now, initially the final part, Red Salvation, was going to simply be a red recolor of the original, but I decided that was dull. The third and final part of Shades McCoolguy is instead a red recolor, with edits to make him look more badass. I'm pretty sure I edited everything besides the beak so it probably would have been easier to make a brand new chicken but I think that would ruin the three of them as a series. Now for the final part of Shade's tale:

After taking down the Colonel Shades was lost in the world. PETA wasn't willing to take him back after what he'd done. He had crossed the line. He was more than willing to admit that. He knew there was no coming back after what he'd done. He wasn't going to do something as foolhardy as that again but he still had nothing to do. Eventually the Herbs and Spices caught up with him while he was just exhausted in his coop. He was struck hard and his face scarred with three slashes. He had known those guys were still around. He should have gone to take them out immediately but...
He had been stuck in a loop of failure. After getting beaten up and left to die Shades got up and slipped on his shades. He walked right in on their operations and took them down. They may have ruffled his feathers a bit but he certainly wasn't going to lay down without a fight. The Seven were easily taken down after having tricked him with their bribery and tricks. It was a violent fight, but with it over Shades McCoolguy had escaped his spiral of doubt. He had stopped the Colonel and his gang once and for all. They would never trick another kid like him into doubting his own. He strode into the sunset, confident that everything would work out.


And with that I have finished Shades McCoolguy. I think it was a pretty good story when it's all put together. I, like most people, dislike PETA but they made a good group for the purposes of this.


Today I am proud to present the letter 'L.'  It's a classic letter used in various words such as "Lamp," "Llama"(a rare double L opening), "Lyrical," "Mall," "Lamborghini," and Lots of others.

I opted to use a flaring style one this one. It probably could have come out better but it seems quite solid to me at any rate.

A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z

Once I pick up 'M' I'll be half way to completion. Also my secret project is slightly collaborative and someone hasn't gotten back to me with something I wanted to put up here so I don't have it to show yet.
January 15, 2010

This is George.

This is George.
George is his name.
He like's worms.
And also grain.
He's scared of swarms.
And has no shame.

His name is George.
January 13, 2010

Young Man

Started back to the University on monday so this one's being sent from a rather early writing lab I'm in. Well, they have the good version of Paint so it's good. You know with that old pallete that Microsoft decided hurt children's eyes or some such.

This chicken is wearing a red hat. That's the key thing her. I wouldn't want anyone to get confused about the situation and think he's got a deformed comb after all. I'm working on the tail-feathers here. I don't play with those very often so I think I need to improve them for future use.
January 11, 2010

Screaming Thumb

Okay, so this one is very simple. This chicken is passionately screaming and for that he gets a thumb up. You can see the burning passion in his eyes. His powerful and insane scream is mighty. He has endless burning passion.
January 09, 2010


Okay. Today I was totally stumped then I read this fine posting.

 And thus this chicken was born. A mild mannered chicken with fake glasses. You can tell that they don't have glass in them because nothing is distorted and I didn't have any light reflecting off of them. I love the quick gimmicky light reflecting off of glasses effects.

You know that guy offered linkback for postings of his blog between Sunday and Wednesday. Shame I don't have any ideas or I would hold off since like all people on the blogosphere I like attention. On that note I noticed yesterday that he gave me a reward like a month ago. It's strange because I wouldn't have thought I'd miss a comment.('snot like I get flooded with 'em)
January 08, 2010

Faded Glory

He was once hailed as the greatest, but as time went on he became unsure who he could trust and his outlook was bleak..  He hid away and his glory faded until he was just a dull reflection of the mighty figure he had once been. All that remained of his glory were a few fragments and people who still remembered him as he was.
January 07, 2010

Bear with me.

Someone said bears were a good way to express felings so I nodded along then drew this polar bear.

 It represents my love of Coca-Cola and the friendly arguments I have while drinking it. And before any of you lazy hypocrites, as opposed to the very active ones, think it's a polar bear because I'm lazy I'll have you know that Polar Bears are the mascot of Coca-Cola and I actually colored it brown first. Anyways, as I was saying this represents my love of arguing over Coca-Cola though I rarely manage that sort of explosion glare.

Dark Contrast

This is Dark Contrast. Pretty much all of my black and white has tended toward Gritty Sharpness so I decided to just do a bit of white on black to mix things up. After all I'm a specialist so I can't just stagnate on some look or I'll get repetitive.  I mean if I weren't a specialist then I could just toss out some not-chickens and not worry about it, but I gotta keep on changing up the style or it'll get old.

Shades McCoolguy: Blue Redemption

Okay, now... normally I wouldn't release some recolor-edit like this but I think it looks smooth, and more importantly it's a good excuse to continue the tale of Shades McCoolguy. Now, when we last left him he was selling out his brothers to the Colonel. And now we pick up from there.

Shades is starting to see how he might have made some bad calls. His fellow chickens were doomed to an eternal torment if he just left them in that man's clutches. They would be fried before there was anything he could do about it. That's why he had to jump to action. When the colonel started his plans to fry up the stupid kids Shades had lured in he had no choice but to save them. They didn't know. They had trusted him and he let them down... Shades acted on instinct, guts, and justice. He took down the colonel and saved those kids. They didn't know what to say, but Shades just walked away like he hadn't done anything special. He was a bit ashamed of himself for ever having fallen in with the 7 secret herbs and spices... He hadn't even done anything about them... He would have to go back in and stop them before they corrupted another hero into being as foolish as him.

January 05, 2010


K, for reasons beyond me, is my favorite letter. Perhaps because it's one of those sharp letters that never gets used, like X and Z. I can't say for certain though. At any rate I just decided to have chickens poking from various angles out of it. Also the different lines having separate outlines was entirely by choice. I think it looks smoother like that than it did then I tried it without.

Also thank you to Nolan for commenting on me. I am indeed a fan of yours and voted for your site before you said anything.

What Is it?

A while ago I said I wanted to do another one like this so I decided to do another one like this because I said I wanted to. You see, our young chicken hero  is a tough guy who is ashamed because his feathers are dull and no match for his mighty brother's look and power. Despite this he can still hold his own against any normal chicken. Lately some young punks have been peering at him and he finally decided it was time to give them a piece of his mind. He has now turned to face them and give them what for. He asks "What is it?" they want from him.
January 04, 2010


Here I did an impression of a chicken using firey colors and flaring lines. This, I feel, gives a robust and powerful feel to the image and lets it stand out amongst the hundreds of other pieces I have here. Actually it slightly reminds me of the fire demon I made only completely different. So, what do you think about that meaningless rambling?


So, I appear to be having another period where I can't draw. What a terrible month for me to declare an intent to do 30. Well, I'll make it up one day when I get the knack back.

 At any rate today I have the letter J, with a Serif because Sans Serif seemed like too lazy of a way to do it. It's just the letter J with a chicken poking up over it. Really one of my less stellar works I must admit.
January 02, 2010


Well, I'm addicted to a stupid video game that I got at Christmas. As such I fully blame it for my lack of posting for the last few days. Well the game and the fact that I couldn't manage to draw a chicken falling to bring in the new year(I really tried)

Anyways enough excuses. I've drawn a Rappy, the cutest little monster guy from Phantasy Star 0, the game I'm now addicted to, talking with a cute chicken. Unfortunately he ended up having crazy eyes but he's probably just afraid of the cameras. At any rate I think this is a solid first post for the start of the new year. I'm aiming for 30 posts this month.

Oh and my resolution is to find a job, at which point I'll start whining about having to go to work.