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Chicken Maker
April 29, 2011


Portal is a great video game. Full of comedic value and interesting puzzles. Okay, game review over.

This chicken used a portal to reach the observation room linked to his testing chamber. While he saw white a bit of paperwork there didn't seem to be anyone around. Some of these things seemed like they were half filled out with some scrawling on them. Whoever had been in charge of it clearly hadn't done a very good job. The gray chicken had worked very hard to get to this place he wasn't supposed to and couldn't help but being disappointed in the result.
April 28, 2011

An Abomination

is an abomination. It was born a chicken lost that when it saw reality naked. Without the filters that everyone hid behind lots what had been before. s understanding couldn't be held by a mere chicken so became .

Even as disgusts you you see only a fragment of what really is. stands as a thing much like what had seen before was .
April 26, 2011

Ad Plan

I'm trying to think of a good flier design. I can't imagine who I would manage to hand off a flier beyond shoving a couple in the faces of people who probably already know about this site, but that doesn't make it any less of a good idea. Or, for the sake of argument we could pretend I'm taking out a newspaper ad. I mean I'm not, but it doesn't hurt to think of something from a conceptual stage like that. For that matter making ads for this site at all feels kinda strange. I mean it seems like nobody even uses the old (very strange) standard 88x31 web-buttons anymore either.(And even as far as that goes mine in 90x30)

Anyways this one was a fairly basic concept. Chicken with the web address above it. It's no good though. It's simply got nothing to really drag you in. I may throw up more as I go. Then I'll distill them into the best chicken maker ad I can think of.
April 25, 2011

Round Abouts

Well, I was feeling a bit lazy, but this is round abouts what a chicken looks like. You know. It more or less hits all the key points:
  • Chicken colored
  • Yellow-ish Orange Beak
  • Two Feet 
  • Red things over and under the beak
  • Being on this website
  • Curves 
  • Wings
  • etc.
And that's what REALLY matters.
April 24, 2011

Happy Easter.

Happy Easter. That's all you're getting out of me.
April 22, 2011


I have decided that I need to do a poll. I couldn't think of anything good so I tossed up one about what I should be doing. So you decide and I'll probably put forth some effort on that front.

A chicken is hiding behind this poll.

Not Earth Day

Today is Earth Day.
This is not a picture of the Earth.

Challenge Complete
April 20, 2011

Broken Down

He's broken down and falling apart. He has no enthusiasm to continue. He's ruffled, but he doesn't flare with passion. Exhaustion takes him. He is too tired for that sort of thing... But he wishes he wasn't. He used to have powerful dreams, but they're fallen away and forgotten. Not even his eyes have any more fight in them.
April 18, 2011

Chicken Cannon... FIRE!

He took a deep breath. He'd been training for years and today was the day he finally had to put it to the test. The Chicken had decided to fly, but he was a man of science. So, having carefully calculated the forces needed he loaded himself into the cannon. His most trusted aide had been scared. He'd wanted the chicken with a dream to give up...

But in the end the aide followed through on his part. He lit the cannon and ran. As the wick burned down everyone was scared. They didn't have any faith in hi mad plan. Then the cannon fired. The mass of smoke bursted out. Then from within the smoke the chicken came forth. He went soaring into the air. Great success.

Not Gonna GIF

I was gonna make some crazy cool animated GIF but I don't remember what my idea was for it. So I grabbed 2 of the frames from it and decided to share. Ain't ever gonna finish that one. I already erased it even... But I figured no use letting the whole shebang go to waste. I mean I don't know what I was planning but they look just fine.

War Won!

The War was won. Due to modern weapons(science) the war was finally over. Their ideological conflict of chicken or egg came to an end. The dinosaurs were the evidence. It was really indisputable so the missiles were able to finish the whole affair once and for all. The Chicken forces, with their old fashion arms didn't stand a chance. But they stood tall against it as strong as they could.

April 14, 2011

One Stroke

This chicken was drawn without unclicking the mouse. A single brilliant stroke! It came out extremely well considering. I mean I didn't get to do any corrections to it like I normally would so I wasn't really sure if it would com out any good.
April 11, 2011


I don't generally do this sort of anthropomorphism but I figured I could give it a shot. So here's a chicken lady with an orange skirt and brown hooded sweatshirt.  I decided against detailing out the feather fingers. It's bad enough that I gave a chicken a person body.  You know, bad for my rep and all that.
April 09, 2011

Clucky McCluck

Cluck. Cluck cluck cluck. Cluckedy cluckedy cluck. Cluck cluck cluck...
Cluck, cluck cluck cluck cluck.

Windows 7 Chicken

Well, it's been a while since my last rant about how much I don't like new MS Paint. So I used it this time. Just mostly messing around with it's nifty features. I mean that highlighter and lightning bolt shape work pretty well. So, to hide his embarresment at being made in new paint I simply made sure to hide his eyes.

But despite highlighter it still is awful. I don't know where anything is and things aren't magically working like I want them to. Also I can't see what I'm doing before I click like old paint brush let me. Yeah, not much of a rant this time. I mean I've already done that. I just actually made a chicken in it this time.

April 07, 2011

Kung Fu Again

Yes, I decided that we needed another round of Kung Fu Chicken, The Chicken Who Lives In The Sky Of Swirls. (You know. That's the full title that ain't ever getting used.) So, Yeah. I remade the Kung Fu Chicken... Again, once more. He's way cool and anyways I needed him to be more established for if I need him later. No, I dunno what I would need him later.
April 06, 2011


It's about Gambling I guess. That may, possibly be some sort of slot machine. Or perhaps a coin slot next to some cards... It's a bit too obtuse really. It doesn't really have enough structure to say what it is for sure what I drew. Anyways I like that chicken coin. You know, coins are fun, just like Dice...

You people may soon be getting some sort of chicken dice. I'm not sure if those will make sense though. Dice tend to be simple, with pips or possibly numbers. Well, sometimes the 1 is something fancier. Anyways this is a rather strange tangent about something I may make in the future.


Phones by Kaloo

Phones, admittedly hasn't got the best taste in music. It all more or less sounds like that and he plays it far too loud. Everyone around him can hear it.
April 03, 2011


I made a chickenpilar, which is a cross between a chicken and a caterpillar. I meant to do my Centipede-chicken challenge but then I realized that I had done a caterpillar instead. Honestly though. I'm just not sure if I'll every get around to doing the other now. After this one that one will just seem too similar... Anyways I have a story to go with this one. Well, not a story per say... but let's tell it anyways, shall we?

The chickenpillar is a mighty beast. Born, much like a basilisk, of a butterfly egg hatched by a chicken. The winged beast is outcast from both species. Using it's limited gliding skills and sharp beak it is able to become dominant over the other caterpillars, but it will never form a cocoon and as such never compare to the advanced butterfly forms. Meanwhile any old chicken might just gobble him up.


This one right here. This guy's like the Jabba the Hutt of chickens. I was showing a friend mtPaint and well, since I was demonstrating I just went ahead and drew a chicken. Well... it became a chicken at the end anyways. So, this is a Blob of chickens. Though he has a mouth so he probably doesn't just cover things in himself and digest them like that.
April 02, 2011


A chicken of great experience. He is... Swishle. Cause he's like Swish!

Also in case it wasn't entirely clear that last post was for April Fools. Though I may actually like to post my fan art in large chunks like that. Those were all real fan art and I really was happy to get them. But I decided to use them for April Fools anyways.
April 01, 2011

April Fools: New System

So, I have decided that my drawing chickens can be curtailed in the interest of more member-base interaction. I'm not saying I'm not gonna post anymore chickens of my own or anything. I'm just saying I'm going to shift the focus. Also I think I'll go with larger posts rather than many short posts. Also I added labels for the artists who have made multiple contributions [Mozer, Briones, and Beth Harvey(on that note Miss Harvey. Do you have a preference on what I call you?)] to both make them easier to find and to add an incentive to participate. Of course I'll also link to your site if you provide one for me to link back to.
Add caption
Well well. If it isn't Beth Harvey again. Fancy clown. I like the cross eyed mask. Makes it kinda old school. Needs more accessories. And it's like he has a receding comb-line, though as a clown perhaps that was part of the point.  Also a jpeg.
Fan Chicken #1 by Beth Harvey
I might love you if you hadn't sent me not one, but TWO chickens saved as jpegs. Nice effort on the chicken though. I dislike the beak style but it's pretty legit. Like in the cartoons. Comb's poorly built and doesn't connect into the head at all. The tears cover up the eye, which doesn't look like it was very good to begin with.
Chicken Knight by Briones
Too bulky human with a chicken face. I expect better from you Briones. Old Chicken Knight was a million times better.
Okay Briones. The fire does make it somewhat better, but what sorta racist message are you trying to send. Why is the finished version of chicken face white while the unfinished is brown. As usual though. I do like your fire.
Still Life by Briones
Briones... Chickens can't fly. Though I do like his evil plan to blow up that pyramid. Oh, and I don't know the author but Tom Robbin's "Still Life with Woodpecker" was clever. Trying to beat me to the punch on my own challenge, eh? Anyways. the comb needs to have more overlap with the head.
Fin by Chicken Maker Kaloo
 Another great piece by the Chicken Maker. Not much else to say really

Anyways. That's all for this time. Let's do this again some time ladies and gentlemen. You know. Once I've accumulated enough fan chickens.(send 'em in!) I promise to be gentler with my critiques if you come quickly.