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Chicken Maker
April 01, 2011

April Fools: New System

So, I have decided that my drawing chickens can be curtailed in the interest of more member-base interaction. I'm not saying I'm not gonna post anymore chickens of my own or anything. I'm just saying I'm going to shift the focus. Also I think I'll go with larger posts rather than many short posts. Also I added labels for the artists who have made multiple contributions [Mozer, Briones, and Beth Harvey(on that note Miss Harvey. Do you have a preference on what I call you?)] to both make them easier to find and to add an incentive to participate. Of course I'll also link to your site if you provide one for me to link back to.
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Well well. If it isn't Beth Harvey again. Fancy clown. I like the cross eyed mask. Makes it kinda old school. Needs more accessories. And it's like he has a receding comb-line, though as a clown perhaps that was part of the point.  Also a jpeg.
Fan Chicken #1 by Beth Harvey
I might love you if you hadn't sent me not one, but TWO chickens saved as jpegs. Nice effort on the chicken though. I dislike the beak style but it's pretty legit. Like in the cartoons. Comb's poorly built and doesn't connect into the head at all. The tears cover up the eye, which doesn't look like it was very good to begin with.
Chicken Knight by Briones
Too bulky human with a chicken face. I expect better from you Briones. Old Chicken Knight was a million times better.
Okay Briones. The fire does make it somewhat better, but what sorta racist message are you trying to send. Why is the finished version of chicken face white while the unfinished is brown. As usual though. I do like your fire.
Still Life by Briones
Briones... Chickens can't fly. Though I do like his evil plan to blow up that pyramid. Oh, and I don't know the author but Tom Robbin's "Still Life with Woodpecker" was clever. Trying to beat me to the punch on my own challenge, eh? Anyways. the comb needs to have more overlap with the head.
Fin by Chicken Maker Kaloo
 Another great piece by the Chicken Maker. Not much else to say really

Anyways. That's all for this time. Let's do this again some time ladies and gentlemen. You know. Once I've accumulated enough fan chickens.(send 'em in!) I promise to be gentler with my critiques if you come quickly.