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Chicken Maker
October 31, 2012


This is the finale! FrankenChicken. Like Frankenstein. Well, really it's like Frankenstein's Monster... Well, really it's like the generic Hollywood Frankenstein's Monster. That's what you really want though so it's fine.

Floral Ghost

This chicken forgot to get a costume so he went with the old standby of Sheet Ghost. Unfortunately the only sheet he had was floral patterned. e certainly missed some memos.

Also he's being followed by a real ghost.

No Leg Ghost

Man... Ghosts don't get to have legs. Or even wings. Even the body usually just goes swishy. The head is often a vague blob. This guy has everything but legs though.


The headless horseman is a classic tale.

It is a well known fact that a chicken can survive with no head.

This seemed obvious as a result.

I don't think pumpkins get that small though.

Zombie Costume

This is a site about drawings of chickens in silly costumes. As such Halloween is great because I need absolutely no Justification. This is a chicken in a Zombie costume. He's excited to go trick or treating. I'll have more Halloween fun out over the course of the day.

In addition as a small site update I will be going through the site and appending more tags to large numbers of the posts over the next few days.
October 30, 2012

Looking to the Side

I have used up so many titles. I went and tried to save this as "Sidelong" only to realize I already had one by that name. The next two names I tried I'd used as well, so I gave up and called it Looking to the Side. In retrospect I should have called it a look back, because I used nothing but the old MS Paint palette, even that tacky goldenrod.
October 28, 2012

Light Burst

If I had some sort of incredible animated series in the works this would probably show up as part of a finishing move. A burst of light in the form of a chicken. At the very least that crazy eye.
October 27, 2012


Here I have 4 overlapping circles inside of a larger circle, which strangely enough gave me an impression of depth and I decided was an orb. So I painted it to look like a chicken and that, as they say, was that.

Gradient Flash!

For this piece I decided to play with gradients I like them and they look nice. They take forever, of course, but that's a relatively minor issue since I just think it looks nice. The beak looks like a rising sun showing his ability to crow in the morning.

Not sure why my pace has fallen, but I'll probably just post more things.
October 24, 2012


Like Godzilla, but a chicken.
October 14, 2012

Bear 2

This is some scrawly nonsense art of a bear fighting a chicken
October 10, 2012


This is a big tough guy. I was working on something but then I accidentally saved over it with this... So you get this today. I'll redo it better! This one I don't really care for, but I'm a bit too annoyed to do anything about it. That wing bothers me for some reason.
October 08, 2012

Wig and Glasses

The suave and mysterious gentleman came from nowhere and swept them off their feet. With his stylish hair and glasses noone ever suspected he was actually just a giant chicken.

By which I mean I discovered Chicken Boo again. I love the Animaniacs.
October 06, 2012

Paint The World

This chicken is painting the world. You can tell because he has a paint brush on each wing and everything ahead of him is white. He may in fact be just outright creating it.
October 04, 2012


We have 100 likes on the FaceBook. This is obviously important news and says that I'm awesome and popular. 100 is not that impressive a number, is it? Well, it's still an exciting one.

Not A Square

This guy is hip and young. He's not some loser. He's not square. He has lots of rectangles, and triangles and what have you.
October 02, 2012


This picture gives the impression of a chicken. It was made by creating the outline of a chicken, then adding heavy shading and, as a twist, removing the outline. That was my process here. This shadow of a chicken creates the impression which you accept because it is what you expect to see.