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Chicken Maker
March 31, 2015

Crisscross Tiny

This is apparently not how one spells criss cross... I thought it was two words, but I suppose Criss doesn't mean anything after all. Just one word "crisscross"

The important take away here is Don't Cross Chris. Also I guess this chicken head is named Chris. Now it all seems clever and punny instead of arbitrary and random I assume.
March 30, 2015


The complex symbology here may be going over your head here, but (And you can quote me) The chicken is greater than anything negative.

The / and ] are actually meaningless. Does using a bunch of symbols count as symbolism? Well, I'm going to use the tag anyways.

Classic Pixel Art

From among the ashes of the two week break I thought I announced but actually didn't I bring this retro-chic throwback to classic pixel art. The precise pixel by pixel craftsmanship is completely invisible to your modern retina displays and Ultra-HD TVs, but I like it quite a bit. Whenever I do this I consider including a blown up version so you can see it clearly but I decided against it this time. Please enjoy.

March 17, 2015

6 Years... 6 of this!

This site has been running for 6 years. That's ridiculous. I mean it's a sub-popular blog on a strange back corner of the internet. I'm not even repackaging something else or giving people illegal downloads. You'd think I would have quit doing this by now... Anyways I'm checking in on this. If you show up drop a comment. I always do appreciate them.

Oh well, as per tradition I celebrate the Site Anniversary/St. Patrick's Day by greening up some of my favorites from the year. My initial thought was that I didn't post much this year but I actually had a lot of posts I liked when I was flipping through. Guess it was a good one. Might be time to update the featured  posts.

A combined version of the Cold Duel and Hot Duel. I always forget which one green is so I just didn't include it in the original pair. It's a cool color... I think.

Which of these was supposed to be the alien again?

After being bit by a terrifying Were-leprechaun everything had gotten stranger for him

The green lightning was basically magic. Tesla never talked about it.

This Piece by no means benefited from being made green, but I really like the original and I wanted to plug it here.

Also an honorable mention to Green Energy Being, but he was already quite green.
I also like the pair of Enraged and Serene, but they were already monochrome and they didn't lend well to being made green.
March 16, 2015


The depths of this chicken's soul shine through the black eyes. For this piece I chose to use more of the details I usually ignore like that weird ear thing that chickens have going on, while maintaining a nicely stylized look.
March 14, 2015

Different Eye

In this piece I decided to use a more detailed eye, but not a really detailed eye. It's just different from usual and isn't making changes and slowly advancing one's style the key to becoming more skillful.
March 11, 2015

Dramatic Dash

Chasing after your dreams is all well and good, but what will you do once you catch them?
March 09, 2015

Aspiring 7 Days Later

He had aspired to be something more than he was, an in the end nothing had come of it. The world had ended just 7 days later. Wandering the wasteland the only remnant of his past was... a nice clean tie. He put on one every day.

Sorry for the surprise week off.
March 02, 2015


This young fowl is aspiring for higher heights. He even put on a tie. Shame no one warned him that that's tackier than no tie if you're shirtless...