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Chicken Maker
March 17, 2015

6 Years... 6 of this!

This site has been running for 6 years. That's ridiculous. I mean it's a sub-popular blog on a strange back corner of the internet. I'm not even repackaging something else or giving people illegal downloads. You'd think I would have quit doing this by now... Anyways I'm checking in on this. If you show up drop a comment. I always do appreciate them.

Oh well, as per tradition I celebrate the Site Anniversary/St. Patrick's Day by greening up some of my favorites from the year. My initial thought was that I didn't post much this year but I actually had a lot of posts I liked when I was flipping through. Guess it was a good one. Might be time to update the featured  posts.

A combined version of the Cold Duel and Hot Duel. I always forget which one green is so I just didn't include it in the original pair. It's a cool color... I think.

Which of these was supposed to be the alien again?

After being bit by a terrifying Were-leprechaun everything had gotten stranger for him

The green lightning was basically magic. Tesla never talked about it.

This Piece by no means benefited from being made green, but I really like the original and I wanted to plug it here.

Also an honorable mention to Green Energy Being, but he was already quite green.
I also like the pair of Enraged and Serene, but they were already monochrome and they didn't lend well to being made green.


  1. that's 6 years of you making me smile - thank you!

  2. 6 years well spent, I say! This is a wonderful and special place, and your posts always impress and delight me! I don't know how many times I've said "THIS is the most epic thing ever" - every piece is epic! :D
    Here's to many more epic pieces! Cheers!

  3. Never stop. You will trap endless chickens in a kind of no-place if you close this gate.

  4. Yes, what Peter Greene said. :-)

  5. Keep at it. Your chickens are great.

    Also, I'm pretty sure Tesla's a wizard anyway.

  6. AngryPressreleaseChickenJuly 17, 2015 at 7:17 PM

    I am so glad you are still going. Found you through hyperboleandahalf back when she use to write blogs. Your continued efforts give this blog something special.