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Chicken Maker
June 30, 2016

HD Background June 2016: Escape Mad Fire

I used to draw a lot of fire, so I decided to focus in on that for this month's wallpaper. First thing I did was just draw those pretty flames. Then I had to do the next part and it took me a bit to decide what the next bit was. A fowl escaping from... hell? Sure. That works, but then I had all the empty black space. What should go there. I contemplated a bit. There's nothing wrong with having white space, so to speak, but a purple pattern seemed like a good call. I tried some swirls and swooshes, but didn't quite get the feel I wanted. Then I realized... It was insanity. This fowl is escaping the flames of madness!

Enjoy the 1920 x 1080 quality

You can download this, and many other wallpapers, from this post on my Patreon.


I knocked together a picture for something unrelated to the site, so I figured I should post the chicken portion of it.
June 28, 2016

Yearning Moon

The young heart yearns for adventure and challenges as the brave fowl stares into the sky, the full might of the moon shining down upon it.
June 24, 2016

Coloring Chicken Maker

Hello, after about 5 months we have finished the Chicken Maker Coloring Book, which I have named simply Coloring Chicken Maker after much consideration. These should comfortably print 2 to a page on a standard 8.5x11.  I will be coloring all of these and have them uploaded later this month. Digital Colored versions will also be posted soon, though those aren't nearly as interesting.

Anyways I always look forward to seeing some feedback when I post something like this so let me know what you think in the comments or on one of the social medias.







Stained Glass

June 21, 2016

Forward Facing

This is a forward facing fowl. I feel like this was my default angle a long time ago but... I don't really do this well. I think I probably need to train in this skill again. Perhaps spending weeks in the mountains, arting under a waterfall...

Vacant Look

I can't really say why this fellow has such a vacant look in the eyes. After all, the world is nothing but Sunshine and Rainbows. Sun's even got a smiley face. If you find this piece troubling please consult this one instead
June 15, 2016

Cheer Up

Things have been a bit slow going but Cheer Up because everything is going to be great. Not much to say on this piece. It's petty standard, though the proportions are a bit off from usual.
June 13, 2016


Following the trail left behind by those fiends the brave ranger finds himself looking for even the faintest trace left at the riverside.

I hate water. I immediately regretted my decision that that was a river. I decided to try a different color scheme for this one though and I think it looks rather nice.

June 08, 2016

Back to It

I haven't posted anything in like a week and a half. That's less than ideal, and when I tried to make something today I felt unsatisfied with the quality, so I decided to forcefully get that back. I drew a whole mess of heads and colored the one I liked best. Pretty sure I'm back to it now. Regained that skill. Just had to force it a bit.