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Chicken Maker
April 30, 2019

Train Engineer

When I started drawing this and when midway through drawing this I continued to arbitrarily think I'd just make a quick train as a minor side detail. That is obviously more detailed than the striped hat and overalls that were the main thing I was drawing. Also the stripey overalls are more of a child's engineer costume than an actual uniform but never mind that.
April 27, 2019

Burn Bright

Red and blue flames lick the air as the chicken wanders the otherwise dull and shadowed box. This was a strange, but still it was warm. Still, one had to escape before they ended up roasted
April 24, 2019

See It All

With a cool enough pair of shades everything becomes obvious. What was once a confusing mess is now a cool swirl of colors. What was previously lost in all the lies and deceit becomes clear. You can see it all as long as you don't give up on your shades.
April 21, 2019


Happy Easter. Pastel Colors put me in a cheerful spring mood, but the colors took me more tries than I would like to admit.
April 19, 2019

Stand Out

The evil robot eye obscures the good heart of the bird that bares it. Not that that part is in the picture. Just looks like a rather grim fellow.
April 13, 2019

Work Out

Once you get your headband on you can work out. Certainly not going to actually like exercise though. Might ruin your headband.
April 11, 2019

Squirrel Mugging

Having escaped into the wilds the chicken was truly free. But the freedom was soon interrupted. To interfere with the chicken in broad daylight was really too much. These woodland critters were just far too bold.
April 07, 2019


The line-work is a bit shaky but it's time to get back on the chicken making.
April 01, 2019

Johnny Comic 01-03

I'm going to mix it up a bit. Not sure how long this series will last, but it's always nice to do something different. It's been a while since I last drew a human. This being the site it is I'll be sure to sneak at least one chicken into each post of Johnny Comic.

Comic 01

Comic 02

Comic 03