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Chicken Maker
April 27, 2023

Digital Gridz – April 2023 Wallpaper

Here's this month's wallpaper. Bright green on black is the best and only style you ever need, and in the strange digital future we'll all be strange wireframe birds living on a grid. Or multiple gridz, with a Z because it's the future. As I've secretly revealed many times any random string of numbers in the background always just spells chicken. Don't tell anybody.

Special thanks as always to my Patreon supporters. Please continue supporting me in the future.

You may have noticed I still never posted last months... I won't make excuses, but it's still half done so I'll get it posted eventually.

April 24, 2023

Blood Silhouette

I'd like to imagine this is a random screenshot from the middle of some spy movie's dramatic and stylized intro.

April 21, 2023

An Artist

Art is dirty work and it's inevitable to get a little dirty when you're working but... How did so much end up on this strangely confident rooster's tail feathers. What was he doing? It is a pretty piece though.

April 16, 2023

New Brown

The old brown was old so here's a new one. It's more red, but that's okay because brown is a whole gamut of colors from vibrant hard wood to mud.

April 12, 2023


Feeling kinda mopey, but not for any particular reason. Just sitting here, staring like a chicken drowning in the rain.

Which apparently isn't a thing? Smart enough to stop staring at the sky despite the widespread factoid.

April 09, 2023

Hatching Easter

Wait, these colored eggs aren't supposed to hatch.

Happy Easter

April 08, 2023


A mysterious cloak. Who knows what sort of tasty animal is hiding under it. Perhaps a racoon or an iguana? Are those tasty?

April 03, 2023

Neon Bird

I always like this basic glowing neon effect. Just one glowing red eye because this one is getting ready to murder you.

April 01, 2023

Good New

The Good New! The Hot Thing! Clearly superior to the old gimmicks. This is the future.